All Around Bradleyville

Bob and I drove to Hartville a week ago Saturday to The Calvarymen’s Homecoming. They are an excellent gospel group and we have gone every year for the past several years. We also enjoyed the other groups that evening, The Kellys Gospel Band and The Mark Trammell Quartet. While we were in Hartville we drove around a little, past the house where Bob’s great-aunt, Flora Chapman used to live. We have been to Hartville almost every year the past several years and through Hartville several times since Aunt Flora passed away in 1985 but had never driven past her house in all those years. Everything looked so much different than we remembered it but Bob recognized the place by seeing the huge walnut trees in the yard that he remembered. Leave it to a logger to recognize a location by the trees.

I managed to get a few of my outdoor flowers potted in pots to move inside. I like to save starts of some of my favorites so I can put them back outside the next year. I always do this with some of my impatiens and begonias. This year my impatiens have been eaten down to the soil by our cows that like to jump the fence. It happens almost every fall if I don’t watch them closely. I would like to be like Granny Clampett and have a shotgun loaded with rock salt to shoot the offenders with. At least so far they have left the tomatoes alone.

The Bradleyville Church of the Nazarene had a hay ride last Sunday and the many pictures I saw along with some of the comments showed they had a very good time. It was a little bit chilly which is to be expected for October, although I have been on many hayrides in October when we could have used a fan.

New Mansion Church will be holding a Fall Festival on October 26, starting around 1p.m. Riders on a Mission will be there to entertain with motorcycle and 4 wheeler riding and stunts, starting around 5 p.m. There will be a potluck supper around 6 p.m. Everybody is welcome and it is free to attend.

Birthdays for the coming week include: October 10: Judy Clemans, Carla Combs, Karen Cantrell; October 11: Louise Stevens, Don Johnson, Thurman Whittaker; October 12: Keith Cook, Blake Melton, Brenton Whittaker; October 13: Shea Dobbins; October 14: Lucas Clemans; October 15: Bob Case, Lisa Potter, Joe Rogers; October 16: Brynne Mitchell.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: October 12: Joe and Kim Norwine; October 14: Jerry and Nardena Brown, Thurman and Kay Whittaker.