All Around Bradleyville

I really am enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having, beautiful sunny days and chilly nights. I have never been a fan of fall or winter but I can take it better when the weather is sunny. I don’t like when we have cloud cover for days on end. I would rather it rain or snow or do something if it has to be cloudy. It just seems so gloomy to me.

New Mansion Church had a large crowd Saturday for the Fall Festival and the Riders on a Mission stunt group. This group rode motorbikes and 4 wheelers and did lots of exciting stunts on them. They also had good testimonies that they gave. On Sunday New Mansion had their annual hayride to the Caney Picnic Area. They left shortly after church on three trailers but had a flat on one trailer before they got very far. Everyone on that trailer got on one of the other trailers and they continued on. They still had a great time, roasting hot dogs, eating chili and a variety of food, exploring the cave and at 4:00 Corby Lux brought a message to everyone assembled. They got home around six in the evening cold but happy.

Congratulations to the Bradleyville Jr. High Girl’s basketball team, who won first place in the tournament at Lutie School. That is a nice ending to their basketball season for this year.

Glenda Day, our friend and former writer of “Around Bradleyville”, fell and broke her hip last week and had to have surgery on it. Keep Glenda in your prayers as she recovers.

Birthdays for the coming week include: October 30: Margaret Dalton, Tater Essary, Dee Hodges, Walter Rogers, Sandy Ross; October 31: Kathryn Braden, Jack Horner; November 1: Susan Sivils, Jeff Shockey, Charley Tinker; November 2: Zach Johnson, Rebecca Pride; November 3: Nicole Combs, Vernon Fuller; November 4: Gina Norwine, Stacey Phillips, Dusty Rogers; November 5: Jerry Brown, Colton Burton, Julie Lawson, Talitha Sims, Kurt Tweedy; November 6: Autumn Thomas.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: November 4: Greg and Amy Blair, Danny and Jennifer Flannery; November 5: Randy and Belinda Wyman.