Visitors of Wilma Jean Hampton and Family from Ozark, MO

Visitor of Wilma Jean Hampton, Lee and Darrell was Bethene (Stillings) Mitchell of Hillsbord, Oregon. Wilma and Bethene are double cousins. They visited many various places while she was here. They visited Bethene’s sister, Donna Sue’s grave in Republic, MO. They also ate out at various restaurants. They spent time visiting a first cousin, Roberta (Williams) while there. Another first cousin, Jeanette (Stillings) Hesterly ate with them at McDonald’s in Ozark and they had a good visit. Wilma and Bethene met there for breakfast on several occasions. Bethene, Dale and Keith Stillings, Janet (Stillings) Jones ate and visited in Springfield one day. They all visited with another brother, Leon Stillings, which had a short stay in the hospital there. Wilma, Bethene and Janet took in the city-wide garage sales in Ozark. Bethene and Janet had lunch at Ozark while she was here. Bethene attended church with Lee, Wilma and Darrell twice while here. Bethene, Wilma visited another sister of Bethene’s, Imogene (Stillings) of Ozark, MO. Bethene and Wilma had a good visit with James and Linda Orick one day and appreciate the visitors that were at Breedon Church’s Friday Night Singing.

Bethene wrote and said she had a safe trip back home. Thanks for that!