This Monday morning we have a mist in the air and showers are forecast. Not much grass has grown in yards as weeks continue to grow.

Robert and Peggy Helms visited Edith McKinnon last week, checking on her after she had a fall. She still has pain in her neck and shoulder and her jaw also. Falling on her knee also caused a problem.

Edith and Diane Easterday and granddaughter, Alicia, with her daughter and granddaughter, Lynne Bentele and Annie Marie Richardson from here attended Ava Victory Academy sponsored by the University of Missouri, a program on wild edibles.

Sympathy and prayers are for the Betty Arnett family and for Erma Lee Luna family also.

Best wishes to all those having health problems. Junior Sisney had a procedure for his heart Monday.

Brian and Samantha Harris had a baby girl born Thursday, September 12th. She joins her little sister, Olivia.

Remodeling is going on at the former Bryant house at J and 160 highway area as Jeremy McKee bought the property.

Revival at Lilly Ridge, Robert Roberts, evangelist, Oct. 6-10 Sunday evening at 6 p.m., others at 7 p.m.

Diane Easterday, Lowena and Paula, and Dwaine Turner enjoyed Saturday afternoon kayaking on Lake Norfork.

The Ladies Prayer Brunch will be hosted by the Theodosia Methodist Church this Saturday.

The special offering taken Sunday at Lilly Ridge Church goes toward their Mission field in Honduras of construction of a new cafeteria at Faith Home there, which we support.

Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’ is here this week and remember to visit the quilt show in the courtroom with Extension Friendly Neighbors Club in attendance.

I have memories of years past when Helen Marie (Ebrite) Luna and I shelled the yellow field corn from my field and boiled the red cobs to make “corn-cob” jelly in baby food jars to sell in the booth. Those were some of the Good Ole’ Days.