St. Francis Church

Sunday, September 8 was the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. Matthew 6:24, “no man can serve two masters…Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”   This is said to be the passage that St. Francis read before the Pope when he asked for guidance for his new order of religion, the Franciscans.  In this passage Jesus was speaking to a society in which slavery was common, and a slave has only one master but a Christian has to balance serving God and serving worldly needs and desires, or mammon, which Bishop Hartley defined as the physical things that one has confidence in, or a state of being wrapped up in things, not in God.  The lesson of this passage is that we must not be distracted by physical needs and that material things can be made to serve God.

After the service we again enjoyed one of our excellent potluck dinners topped off by fresh watermelon, then held our annual all-parish meeting followed by a vestry meeting.  In the Episcopal Church the vestry is the governing body of individual congregations and the members are elected at this annual all-parish meeting which is open to all members of the parish who vote on members of the vestry.  Gary Kester and Anna Meador were chosen for 3-year terms, Stephanie Connell, Ann Sasko, and Jordan Willard for 2-year terms.  Lincoln Connell has been the youth representative on the vestry but as he is now at West Point, Laura Berthold was chosen as his successor.

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