St. Francis Church

Sunday, September 1 was the Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. Luke 17:11, the miracle of the ten lepers, which is a lesson on the power of thanksgiving.  In this account, Jesus heals ten lepers, but only one, who is a Samaritan and thus an outcast socially, as well as, physically, shows gratitude to him and Jesus blesses him by saying “thy faith has made thee whole.”  He was not only healed, but made whole, that is brought into a proper relationship with God through Jesus.  This story not only shows the power of God, but also is a forerunner of acceptance of Jesus by Gentiles.  The real point of the story is that we all get God’s blessing every day.

On Saturday I drove to Springfield and met Chandler Connell then we had dinner at Gilardi’s Restaurant.  Afterwards we attended a performance of the Springfield Contemporary Theatre’s production of “Is He Dead?” by Mark Twain.  This is a newly discovered play by the famous Missouri writer that was only produced for the first time in 2007 in New York.  It is a very funny play with much of the humor that Twain is famous for and the production is excellent with very good actors who were obviously enjoying themselves as much as the audience was.  The play is performed in the auditorium of the Springfield Art Museum in Phelps Grove Park and the Springfield Contemporary Theatre is the group formerly known as the Vandevort when they performed in that building on Walnut St. in downtown Springfield, but were displaced by the redevelopment of the building as a hotel and now perform in various venues around the city.

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