Sunday morning service was opened with prayer requests, prayer and then the church band playing and singing gospel  hymns.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Romans 12: 1-2, “Life In______?” then we had to fill in the blank.

Brother Waylon Souder sang the special.

Sunday afternoon we attended the Breshears-Hylton Reunion and got to visit with some we don’t see but once a year. We later visited with Keith and Donna Bannister and Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams.

The annual Labor Day picnic was held at the Ike and LaVerne Ashby’s farm on September 3, 2013. Those in attendance were Phillip and Linda Norman, David and Gayle Nuhholding, Chester and Iris Ann Jenkins, Keith and Sue Caddy, Ron and Karabeth, Aaron, Bryson Crowle, Judy Singer from Germany, Leo and Venita Day, Bob and Kaye Lee, Earl Pratt, Tina Peck, Gene and Dorothy Myers, Mildred Watson, Joe and Wilma Hamby, Leonard and Stephanie Taget and boys, Jo Ann Lewis and Mitchell, Cecil Streight, Jerry and Karen Sellers, Pete and JoAnn Lawrence, Bob and Annette Sellers, J.D. and Vonda Morrison, Larry Morrison, Charles and Jan Lee, Eli  Stigall. Music for the event was provided by Ima Sellers, J.D. Morrison, Vonda Morrison, Charles and Jan Lee, JoAnn Lawrence, Eli Stigall and Nelson Sellers. Everyone enjoyed the music and food, then visiting with everyone. We appreciate Phillip Norman for cooking the brats and burgers and all who brought the rest of the food.

We are needing rain again and the forecast looks promising for the last of the week.

We were saddened at the death of a cousin, Gary Atchison.

Until next week be careful what comes out of our mouths because once it leaves there is no taking it back.