Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Remember the Trap Shoot next Saturday, September 14th beginning at 10 a.m.  Food, prizes, and activities all free.  Invite friends.  Today’s Grandparent breakfast and service were great.  Fifty or more for the breakfast and 82 attended church. Sept. 28- 75th Anniversary of Rock Chapel.  Gary Mitchener will preach and we will have a noon meal.  Oct. 27- Old Fashioned Day with the Kelley Family singing that day. Nov. 9- Ladies 2nd Annual Meeting Mansfield.

Special prayers for:  Jerry Lee and Lola and Roy Dennis, Marilyn, Larry and families.

Praise:  Darrell Price went through surgery fine, and Shelbi Jean Moore is off oxygen. Thank you card from the Dennis family.

Birthdays:  Aspen Housley, Shelby Moore, Joy Mills, and Mike and Barbara’s new granddaughter- Braylin Tate.

Choir did a special as well as Carla Bates and Jamie Guilliams.

Helen taught Children’s Church.

Bro. Rick’s Sermon:  St. John 12: 1-6.  He preached on our motives and how they matter.  Judas had real problems-he was a crook.  If he had truly been concerned about the poor, he could have suggested selling the perfumed ointment to feed the poor.  But Jesus said there would always be the poor, and Judas had the wrong motives- he was looking out for himself.  If we do what we do out of the right motives, we may make mistakes, but we will do our best to do the right thing.  Jesus told how one of his disciples would betray him.  This made the disciples very sorrowful- they kept asking Jesus which one of them it would be.  Bro. Rick gave some good examples how at times his motives might not be right.  One example is:  he gets paid for getting deer samples and sending them to the conservation dept.  Would he do this if he didn’t get paid?  He gave other examples:  Insurance companies who want to put us in ‘good hands’;  Hospitals that run lots of extra tests that might not be needed;  and A ballot used for voting that is so confusing in the way it is written.  What are their motives? What is our motive for attending church?  Is it to find the Lord or fellowship with friends?  Fellowship is alright if done for the right reason.  If there is a job that needs to be done in the church, will a person make up an excuse that they are too busy or say they just aren’t any good at what is asked. He ended by saying, “Are your motives Pure”?   Questions:  Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.