Red Bank Church

Greetings.  We are being blessed with rain.  Pray that God continues to bless us with more moisture, for which we are in great need of.

The Sunday morning service at Red Bank began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  The members and guest received a warm welcome by Jerry Huff who also introduced the Sunday school lesson called, “The Pressure of Partiality,” James 2:1-13.   The worship song service was led by Jake Hampton.  Those giving a mission offering to celebrate their birthday were Gary Lirley and Carol Kellogg.   Brother Lauren reminded everyone to plan on being present for our second, “Bridge the Gap with Fun, Food and Fellowship” service which will be held next Sunday evening, Sept. 22nd, beginning at 5:30 p.m.  He also encouraged the ladies of the Church to bring a friend and attend the Ladies Devotional Fellowship held from 5:30 to 6:30 that same evening.  Their leader is Tattie Maggard.  I heard some great comments about their first meeting.

Brother Jeff Smith filled the pulpit to bring the morning message.  The Bible text he preached from was Acts 2:41-47.  From these Scripture passages, he read about Peter delivering a Spirit filled message to those in Jerusalem, who were among the three thousand souls that had received Christ as their Savior.   In this message Peter related four things that constituted the strength and growth of this new group of converts as they met and Worshiped together.  (1) They shared everything as every man had need.  (2) They continued daily with one accord in the Temple. (3) They ate the food they had with gladness and singleness of heart. (4) They continued to Praise God and had favor with all the people.  As a result of their complete oneness and the dedication of their lives to their Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, the Lord added to the church daily those that desired to be saved.  I wonder if the churches in each community could hold all those that wished to be saved because they saw the desire in us, as church members, to love and serve the Lord as these new converts did.  Does Jesus hold the number one position in our lives?  Our best testimony for the Lord is not in what we say, but rather, in what we do.


Gary and I were surprised with some wonderful guest in our home over the weekend.  My niece, Glenda Young, and her husband, JR, from Welsville, Kansas, called to ask if it would be o.k. with us if they drove their newly acquired motor home to Wichita, Ks., to pick up her sister, Carol Kellogg, and her husband, Warren, and then to Tulsa, OK, to pick up my sister, Joan Holly, and come visit us.  The one reason for this trip was to dedicate it as a birthday gift to Carol.  Of course we were delighted with the idea.  The fact was that Carol’s birthday was the same day as Gary’s birthday so we celebrated both birthdays with cake and ice cream.  It was a nice surprise to them, especially when they saw that the candles on the cake showed that Carol was only 17 and Gary was only 37.   They were enjoying that fact until someone happened to notice that the candles had been placed on the cake backwards.  We all enjoyed that joke.  Also attending the birthday party was John and Brenda Webster and Bob and Murrae Webster.  We all had a wonderful time visiting together.  It is a strange coincidence that Carol’s birthday is the same day as Gary’s and her sister, Glenda’s, birthday is the same day as mine.

Miranda Hallmark called to let her parents know how she was doing in her first two weeks of college life.  Everything was going along well except she found a little difficulty in finding her way around the college town.  One day she wasn’t sure she could find her way back to the college campus, but with her dad’s advice and guidance, she finally found her way back.  Experience is the best lesson.  I had some of the same problems when I had to find my way around Springfield while spending some required time student teaching in several inner city schools.  Hang in there Miranda, you can do it. God will help you overcome any problem.  Just ask Him in faith.  You will see.

You are invited to attend Church services at Red Bank.  Sunday school begins at 10:00 a.m, and Worship service begins at 11:00 a.m.  All of our regular evening services begin at 7:00 p.m.  On Sunday evenings, other than Praise Night and the Food, Fun and Fellowship night, we have a Bible study on the little, big books of the Bible.  Currently, we are studying in I John.  Brother Lauren Page is leading this study, and doing a great job of it.  We have prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings along with a Bible study in the book of Judges, led by Gary Lirley.  The CiA youth, mission group also meet at that same time.  Jennifer Lakey is their leader.  The children that attend seem to enjoy it immensely.  Come join us and learn more about God’s Word and how he wants us to live for Him. Studying His Word helps us to grow as Christians.

That’s all the news for now.  Look forward to a wonderful, colorful fall season.  Sunday is the first day of autumn, so the calendar says.  Take care and keep on praying for rain.