Red Bank Church

Greetings to everyone.  We are in great need of moisture again.  I am praying for rain.  How about you?

The Red Bank Church service began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  Jerry Huff welcomed members and guests.  Brother Lauren announced that the evening service would be the monthly Praise night.  Everyone was invited to come and share a song, a testimony or a reading of inspiration.  A time of food and fellowship would be held after the service.  No one had a birthday or anniversary to celebrate, but I failed to mention in last week’s article that Jerry Huff gave a mission offering in honor of his brother’s birthday.  He also asked for prayer for his brother who had been hospitalized on his birthday.  That is not the way one wishes to spend one’s birthday, but I’m sure we have all experienced illness on our birthday or some other special day.  I remember one time, years ago, when Gary had to take me to the hospital with an emergency illness on the very day we were to leave on our vacation.  We both spent our full vacation in that hospital.

Jake Hampton led the Worship music service.  The Beginner’s class, led by Tattie Maggard, with help from the Youth class, presented the children’s part of the Worship service by singing three songs they had learned.  They did a wonderful job and they looked adorable as they sang.

Brother Lauren used text from Ephesians 5: 1-21 for the morning sermon.  In this chapter, the Apostle Paul instructs the Christians in Ephesus to be faithful followers of God and walk in the love and light of their Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, who gave his life for them as the perfect Sacrifice to God.  Paul also reminded them to refrain from all fornication, uncleanliness, covetousness or any kind of other filthiness or foolishness that would be displeasing to God as His disobedient Children.  For Spiritual strength, Paul told them to constantly speak to themselves in psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, singing and making melody in their hearts to the Lord always giving thanks for all things to God in the name of their Lord Jesus Christ.  We, as Christians today, should also pay heed to Paul’s instructions.


The Sunday evening Praise service was enjoyed by all that attended.  All of the special music was beautiful and uplifting.  The food and fellowship was great too.

Gary and I stopped for a visit with Maxine Lirley at the Healthcare Center one day last week and found out that she had gone with a group of other residents to a Branson show in Branson, Mo.  We were so happy that she was enjoying such a wonderful day out on the town.  We finished our shopping and returned later on to visit with her after she had arrived back home.  She said that they all had a lot of fun.  I asked Connie Burris, their Recreation Supervisor, what all they did while they were in Branson.  She said, “Oh, well now, I can’t really say because you know, what happens in Branson, stays in Branson.”  I don’t think Connie was about to tell what went on with that group.

We visited with her again on Monday.  Gary took her a sack of books that he had read and wanted to share with her and the other residents.  She said she already had a stack of books she had to read before she could get around to reading them.  Maxine is quite concerned for the health of her son, James, who was recently hospitalized with a heart attack.  It is very hard for a mother not to be able to be near to care for her children when they are afflicted with a serious illness.  I know she has, prayerfully, committed him to the Lord’s care.  He is powerfully able and willing to heal those that ask, in faith.

Gary and I traveled to Springfield Branson Airport Monday night to meet our good friend, Pam Shell, as she arrived back from her trip to Thailand, her former home.  We asked her if she enjoyed her visit to Thailand.  She said that she loved visiting with her family members and all the places where she had spent her childhood until she caught the attention of a huge Python snake while splashing her feet in a near by creek.  She said that when she saw that huge head appear out of the grass and saw its tongue waving at her, she jumped up and started screaming for help.  I asked her what happened to the snake.  She said that about twenty people came running to help.  Some of them grabbed the snake by its tail to keep it from running away.  Then they pulled it out into a clear area.  Some jumped on its, at least, fifteen foot long body, and some jumped on its huge head so they could hold it down.  It took all of the people that arrived to capture the snake to lift it up and carry it to another designated area where it would be safe from the public and the public could feel safe from it.  Pam was happy to be back home again, but was quite fatigued from twenty four hours of airplane travel.  We are happy to have her back with us again.

That’s all the news for now.  Take care and please pray for RAIN.