Quad Cities

9-14-13. Hello. How are you? I will say one thing, “Thank you God for another beautiful day! 57 degrees and sunny. You can’t beat it. It’s giving the air conditioner a little break. It was the same yesterday. Of course, not meaing to be negative, but it won’t be long before we have to have the heat on part of the time, but that’s just the way it is. That’s better than living in the states out west and out east. I don’t know how much more they can take. There on the Jersey shore just getting things back a little and now the fires. We talked to what I call “The Man Upstairs.” Of course that’s the man who lives in the apartment above ours. Anyway, we had a nice long chat with him. He’s nice and interesting to talk to. His name is Dave and he’s the kind of person you can talk to about any subject. There’s an apple tree out there and it’s so full of apples the limbs are bent down and hanging low. All of them that are ripe have worm holes in them though. I got some off an apple tree down at the farm one time and by the time I cut all the worms, worm holes and bad places out there wasn’t enough left to do anything with. Jeff’s little apple tree he planted is hanging full of apples too. The horses eat what they can reach then when they fall off they get the rest of them. We went to East Moline and Silvis last Wednesday and did our usual things we do once a month. And while talking to Dave yesterday he said he was in Davenport the same day getting his car worked on at Lujack’s. Of course, that’s where we take our car too. We didn’t get to see anybody in the Cities. We left early and did our things, just stopped at HyVee long enough to drink some cold drinks at HyVee and a little shopping and on back down the pike. It was cool yesterday. We also went back to the farmhouse. First time it’s been cool enough to work upstairs. Before it was so hot I couldn’t stay up there very long. So I’m finding some more of my treasures. Like the aluminum cup my dad drank out of over seventy years ago just before he died. My Aunt Stella who was his sister gave it to her daughter, Edna, and a few years ago Edna gave it to me. I can’t remember my dad at all so that means the world to me.

I sent my new address to Social Security and got a paper from them for me to fill out wanting to know how much I pay for rent, utilities and other things. I hope they’re not up to no good. I need all my money and more. Well, it’s time for me to drink my coffee and start the day. Ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.