Quad Cities

9-6-13. Well tomorrows the day, the day my rent runs out at the farmhouse, that dear old farmhouse. I spent many happy hours there and some that were very sad. The times my son, Jeff, was so very sick, much of the time in the hospital and his passing. It was the first time I had lived alone because Jeff was only 16 when he was in the wreck and was in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Then when my fiance got cancer and I took care of him in there until he passed. Soon after that my little dog died. He died in December and would have been 16 years old in January. He was my little faithful companion. He always slept under Jeff’s wheelchair beside his bed so I left it there for awhile so he could sleep under it. But there were many, many happy times. The music and joking and laughter. Friends and family would come there and play music with us and a lot of time we had the family there for Christmas or Thanksgiving. The times when grandson, Jared, stayed with us during the summer when school was out. He and Jeff would sit up all night singing and playing guitars. I loved to hear them sing “In My Next Life” and “Here Comes That Rainbow Again.” Maybe some day I’ll hear them sing those two songs together again. That’s all in the past, but I’ve got my memories and all my beautiful flowers I’ve had year after year there. I have plenty of pictures of them, thank goodness and my little animal and bird friends. The little hummers are still there drinking from the feeder hanging from the tree on a big hook. I’ve ben making them fresh water here then to take it down there and refill the feeder. We’re going to take some more down there in the morning and leave the feeder there when we go to get a new one next year for the apartment. The pretty rosebush I had there had the prettiest blooms I ever saw and I’ve never seen another one like it. So Walt and I put a lot of water on the dir around the roots and he dug and dug until he finally got it out and we brought it up here today and got a container and pottings soil for it. We’ve got water on the roots now, until we have time to plant it. Everything is so dry here and the ground is like rock and all the grass has died. It looks awful everywhere. First we were getting way too much rain and now the opposite. Last weeekend on Friday we went to the Cities and took some cassette tapes over to Farnk D. in Silvis. We stayed in East Moline while Candi and Jarred went away for the weekend. After we went and visited Frank for awhile we met Walt’s daughter, Berta, for lunch in Silvis. Then we stayed with the pets until Candi called and said they were on their way home then after that came back to Tipton. We’ve had a heck of a time this week with me sorting through things and us hauling things in every direction nearly. I got a call from Larry Plumb. He had been reading my letters in the Douglas County Herald and was asking about some of the people I write about. We had a nice phone visit. I don’t remember him, but I remember his brothers, Albert and Jimmy and their sister, Cathy. Don’t know if it’s with a K or C.

Looking through some “treasures” I found a Douglas County Herald from 1970 and it had a picture on the front page and told about when my father-in-law, O.S. (Seaton) Twitty was in the wreck that killed him. I had forgotten the exact date until I saw that. He was a good man and he and I were close. Everytime he knew we were coming back for a visit he would buy some honey and molassess for him and me to eat. I think I was the only one who would eat it with him. Then after we got there he and I would sit and talk and I would tell him all about our trip down there and what all was going on up here in Iowa. How all the crops were doing etc. It was a horrible shock to all of us when he was killed like that.

Well, the old clock on the new walls says I better get that hummingbird water made and start thinking about going to bed. A big day tomorrow.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.