Quad Cities

Hello there:

How’s everyone doing?  Very well I hope.  We’re in East Moline, Illinois again.  Doing some pet sitting.  We enjoy the pets.  They’re all good, and smart too.  It’s really nice and cool in here.  It’s still 97 degrees outside at 5:30 p.m.  I’m watching the channel 6 news in Davenport, Iowa.  I haven’t got to watch it since I moved.  They don’t show any of the Quad Cities stations on my cable.  The ones they show are in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa.  I have to pay $51.00 per month just so I can get Me TV and My TV.  I couldn’t get it with basic cable.  So I’ve got 130 channels just so I can watch ABC, NBC, CBS, Me TV and My TV and the Iowa City Public TV.  Oh well, I can’t have everything.  Where would I keep it?  It seems I have just about everything since I started moving.  So many “treasures.”  Like I’ve said many times before when I really painted myself in a corner is when I started doing the auctions and so much I couldn’t bear to get rid of.  I’m really whittling it down now.  As fast as I can with what all else is going on,  just in everyday life.  One day last week we loaded up the little car to the fullest and headed for Houseworks in Iowa City.  We got to West Liberty and Hwy. 6 was completely closed, so we followed the detour up until we saw the sign that said “detour” and an arrow pointing to the left so I, being the good “side seat” driver that I am said “turn here” so we did and were going the wrong way on an I-80 off ramp.  All those cars and trucks coming right toward us.  So being the safe, military trained driver that Walt is, he pulled onto a little piece of the road until he could safely make a U-turn and get back on the original raod and here came a trooper with lights flashing.  So we pulled over and he came up and asked what we were doing and where we were going, checked Walt’s driver’s license.  I guess we weren’t “wanted” he came back and gave it back to him and said we needed to go to the next exit and get onto I-80.  I said “I’m sorry; I was the one who told him to turn here because that’s what the sign said.  I think he handled it the best way he could.  He agreed with me and let us go on our way.  We didn’t want to travel on the interstate with the little car loaded down like it was so we turned back and went all the way back to the farmhouse and turned on a road that took us to West Branch where we turned South and went back down to Hwy. 6 and on to Houseworks.  Walt had taken a handful of screws out of the kitchen table to get the legs off so we could get it in the car.  When we got there they said kitchen tables don’t sell anymore unless they have chairs with them.  So other than that things went pretty well.  Ha, we’ve still got quite a lot to take to Goodwill and Houseworks too.  We appreciate “Whisper”, Frank Dee, he’s taking a lot of VCR movies that we home-taped and professional cassettes with that good ole country music on them.  We took him a bag of cassettes today and sat and visited with him awhile.  First time we’d taken time to go to his house in a long time.  He had gotten two hummingbird feeders and hung them up because he saw them trying to get nectar from some red light deflectors at the neighbors garage.  So he felt sorry for the little things and got them some feeders.  They’re migrating right now and really hungry.  We’ve been taking sugar water when we go back to the farm but we’ll have to quit before long.  I bought another week’s rent from the landlord so that will be one more week and I’m outta there.  I hope the hummers are through migrating by then.  The little wrens will sure be surprised when they come come back next spring and have no little red barn to have their babies in.  Oh well, that’s life I guess, I’m gonna hang it up there at the apartment so I hope some more wrens find it.

Robert Allison is in the hospital again.  He had two stints put in.  He’s really sick so please remember him in prayer.  Berta met us at Hy-Vee for lunch.  She was with Rob yesterday and was going back to the hospital today.

We’re going back home to Tipton some time on Sunday, rest up a little then go to Lisa’s house in Fruitland, Iowa for Zoie’s birthday party.  If it’s still warm they will have a pool party in the swimming pool.  I don’t think Lisa has much time to swim anymore since she bought the restaurant.  She works there every day and does bookwork at night and then on Mondays she goes and opens and gets everything going then goes home to do more paperwork, then goes back to close up.  The restaurant closes early on Mondays.  She seems to be happy though when I see her, which is not very often anymore.  But at least I’m close enough to my family that I can see them about anytime if I want.  Oh yes, Zoie will be 12 on the second.  I remember Labor Day as always being September 2nd, but some people say it wasn’t.  That was my sister’s birthday and also my uncle Martin’s, if I haven’t forgotten.  Anita said she’s gonna try to get some of Jeff’s cassettes he recorded of himself transferred onto CD’s.  I sure hope she can get that done.  It’s not supposed to cool off until some time Sunday.  I hope we get some rain.  All the grass is turning brown everywhere.  Well actually it has already turned brown.  It’s hard to believe how nice and quiet it is at the apartment.  Except I live just a little way from the fairgrounds and they have stock car races on Friday nights and that’s really loud, but it doesn’t last too long and if you’re watching TV, you don’t notice it as much.  I haven’t been in Wal-Mart as much as I was before I moved to town.  So I haven’t talked to Joyce Turner for awhile.

It’s hard to believe school’s started again.  I feel sorry for the kids on these hot days and no AC.

I guess I better give my hand a break before I get writers cramp.  11:40 PM, I got a message from Anita tonight and she said she and her dad went out to the house and dug up part of the peony bush at the house and she’s gonna plant it in her yard tomorrow.  I was glad to hear that.  I got a message from Candi and they were about to their destination and I was glad to hear that as well.  Then I sent Berta a message and asked her how Rob was doing and she said he’s doing good, so that was really good to hear.  I’m trying to let everybody know of my change of address and phone number.  Some I’m letting them know in person and some by mail.  I sent a letter to my State Farm Insurance agent and said “howdy y’all.”  The old farm house is about to fall down on me so I’m moving to Tipton.  I think I said “I’m movin on up,” like the TV show about the Jeffersons’.  I wrote down my new address and new phone number and on the end I said “y’all have a nice day,” so my agent who is Jimmie Livermore in Davenport called me today and said he had just gotten that letter in the mail and read it and he and his staff got a good laugh out of it and it made his day.  He mentioned me sending him one of these letters I write to the paper and I told him I might send him some more and he said he wished I would.  Then he said “I tell you what, I’m going to send you some stamps so you don’t have to spend your money to send them.  “I told him he didn’t have to do that and he said yes I’m going to mail them and use your new address.
He sure is a nice guy I told him I like to make people smile and laugh, but that time I told my eye doctor “I’ve got good vision on a clear day I can see the sun and it’s over 90 million miles away,” he didn’t laugh but it was the first time he’d seen me.  Take care of yourselves and bye bye for now.