It is apple season here in Olga!  My favorite harvest of the year and due to the rains, the apples are hanging heavy in the trees.  In our home, we preserve apples in the form of apple butter; applesauce (both spiced and plain); sliced apples for cobbler, muffins, breads etc.; and apple pie filling.  Did you know that when you are baking your goodies and the recipe calls for vegetable oil, you can replace the oil with plain applesauce?  I was skeptical, but I’m telling you, it is delicious.  Your baked goods aren’t oily and they come out very moist, plus it is a much healthier option.

I’m sure there are those of you that are being over loaded with zucchini too.  Besides using them in stir fry, breads and lasagnas, you can also make a delicious pan of chocolate brownies with zucchini.  We bring these to gatherings and they are so rich and moist, no one can tell that they have zucchini in them.  Oh, and one more secret, you can slice them up into jars and cover them with pineapple juice for “mock pineapple” in other recipes.  They will taste just like pineapple.  If you’d like to have the recipes, just email me at hillsofolga@gmail.com.

Talk about an exciting week!  Nothing better than small town events, so many friends, family and neighbors to visit with, fun things to do and great music!  Who can ask for more?

Rumor has it that fall is just around corner too so one last hoorah is too good to pass up.  I have heard that the bluebirds and hummingbirds have left Canada, the leaves on the trees are turning in NY state and all over the country, the geese are already flying south.  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting some cold weather coming in beginning this month, wet and cold for October and just plain cold for November.  I guess we’d better enjoy this warmth while we have it!  It’s time to start getting the wood stacked, some late fall crops put in and some extra hay put up in the barn.

I hope to see ya’ll out and about at these local events this week!