Oak Grove Church

Another blessed day in the Lord this Labor Day weekend, we hope you had one as well.  We welcome new guests, to bless our assembly and returned guests from recent weeks along with our regular congregation; even though some were traveling for the weekend we were a lively crowd.

Next Sunday, September 8, will be our “special missions” observance and we hope you will come and join us in praise to the Lord.  Since “Missions” is our focus for this special Sunday, you might expect the message from the morning service to be in some way related to Missions, come and hear the message God gives us.

I have been thoroughly chastised for my negligence in not reminding you that, we do have a seat available reserved for you, but just so you understand how important you are to us; I personally ordered “special” green velvet, gold lettered, Reserved signs to hang on your seat, I will put at least one out for you each Sunday, until you tell me you’re not coming, unless we run out of seating.  If you need more seating let me know in advance “(I bought more than one “Reserved” placard).

Our Associational Youth Director, and his planning committee are working on a fall Reunion/Retreat, which is going to take place at Piland Youth Camp this fall, I will try to keep you posted as to date and time, we hope you will join us then.

Come and join us in worship, we will try to make you feel at home and share the joy of the Lord with you in every service, all praise to the Prince of Peace.