Oak Grove Church

We certainly do hope your Sunday morning was a “Blessed” one, ours surely was.

Our Sunday school lesson was a great one and worship service was filled with the Spirit.

We were also blessed with some new guests, who just recently moved into the area. After morning services we had dinner in the fellowship hall and got to visit with some of our new neighbors.

Next Sunday morning we plan to address the subject of “Spiritual Blindness,” and you are invited to join us as we learn about the cause and effect of the spiritually debilitating condition. The great physician who has the cure has been gracious enough to make himself available to any who are searching for relief, “Come and see.” (no pun intended.)

Mark your calendar, upcoming on the 27th and 28th of this month we will have a great time at Romance General Baptist Church. They are hosting the Fifth Sunday Meeting, come for the singing, stay for the message and enjoy a wonderful time in His service.

Yes, I do have a “Reserved” banner out on your seat, come and use it before I have to change the “Reserved sign” so that the light doesn’t cause it to fade. That would not be a very good thing, because if you wait too long, you might just wind up having reserved seating in a “Much Warmer Local,” and we surely don’t want that.