Mt. Tabor

We began with singing, reports on those who are still ailing, and many requests for the bereaved, lost and our nation. There are always many needs in our little community and church. We were glad to have visitors this morning, please come again.

Brother Raymond Haden was our speaker for the morning, in the absence of pastor, Ric. He read from John, using two words, moved and unmoved, very interesting. Sister Naida was not well, our good wishes to her. We had a couple of good specials, from Hellen Blakey and Lisa Hampton.

Martin Hathcock reported on their trip to Illinois to see their brother, Clifton. He said he was holding his own, has a great place to live in assisted living and good people to care for him.

Ronda Soto came Sunday evening and spent the night with Martin, and Monday also. Martin has been helping Jim get his hay in.

Chestene Lietch enjoyed having Kenny Lietch and Carol Herd as her visitors over the weekend.

Danny, Kim and Morgan Clements came by Harold and Kay Hutchison’s, Monday evening.

Kay Hutchison attended the singing at Girdner Church Friday evening in honor of Sister Freeda Holt. Kay also attended a Piland Youth Camp board meeting, Saturday morning. There is a reunion of folks who have attended camp or association at some time, or would like to know more about the camp, in the planning stage.  The date will be, Saturday Oct. 26, make plans to be there. It will be 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., fun, food, games and singing, make plans to attend.

Jewell Elliott, Albert Elliott, Carla Hearod, James and Tammy Elliott attended the wedding of Erin Akers and Kaleb Rodgers at Mtn. Grove,  Saturday afternoon.

Sam Ellison and Shawnee, of Theodosia, visited Tom and Jewell Elliott, Saturday.