Mt. Tabor Church

We had a nice group for church Sunday morning, beginning with singing and prayers for the country, our loved ones, church families and the bereaved. We were so happy to have a visitor and hope she will make us her regular church home.

Brother Ric from Psalm 116 to begin with, I love the Lord because He hears my voice. When others pay no attention to our cries and moans, there is always one who will, and that is our Lord.

Following our church service, we came together in the afternoon for our Annual Old Folk’s Day celebration. We had a great crowd with good singing, poems, remembrances and testimonies, lots of fun and great giveaways from our church and generous helpers.

Martin Hathcock’s daughter, Kim Smith, accompanied him to church and also, later to Old Folk’s Day. Pernie Adams and Dennis also came with Martin in the afternoon. Martin and Pernie were leaving early Monday morning, with Jan Jones as the designated driver, to Moline, Ill, to see brother, Clifton.

Bonita Winingham, of Louisville, Ne. arrived at Tom and Jewell Elliott’s home Saturday to stay until Wednesday. She also came with Jewell to Old Folk’s Day. Those joining them Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Shuan Elliott and children, James Elliott, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett, Jim and Carla Hearod.

Kay Hutchison visited Ruth Shumate and Tyler, Saturday morning. She also visited at Ava Place, Tuesday morning.

Those of you who remember the Rist family from our community, might be interested to know that Leonard Rist takes the Douglas County Herald, and enjoys reading about people and families he knew when he was a kid. He would like to hear from folks who remember him and his family. His address is 2221 N. 6th St.  Apt. 5    Cheney, Washington 99004. He is not in very good health, so we wish him well.