Little Creek

Last weeks news – Monday morning again. I missed getting news in last week because of the Labor Day holiday and because my full day at our Degase reunion depleted my energy level. I was tired all week.

But today is a glorious day which our Lord has given us and I shall be happy in it and give thanks where it is due.

The reunion was enjoyable even though it was really a hot day and the air conditioning units didn’t work very well. We nevertheless enjoyed seeing one another another year and everything went well. April McFarlin won the quilt and the Bible recipients were April and Tammy Brown.

We had more than 90 people attending and we were happy to have the Oklahoma relatives come again. They all drive a long way to be together with us.

I almost forgot that Randall Delp took the picture albums. We have about four full and may have to start another one.

Talked to sister, Jean, for her news and they had Jo Delp and granddaughter, Kelly Jo, with Brian’s daughter, Bailey, visiting Friday evening.

Church services Sunday were inspiring with a good lesson in Revelation. I was invited for dinner out after church with Burr and Ruth. We enjoyed a hug from the sweetest lady I’ve known named June Stewart. Buddy came to our table and visited a bit. It was good to see them after such a long time. I always enjoyed June and Lowell’s music.

And I wanted to say hello to Bonnie who sent word that she always reads my items in the Douglas County Herald. I hear their church recently had a wonderful revival. Revivals are good food for our souls. I appreciate it, Bonnie.

And hi to my other sister, Loreene and my other sister-in-Christ, Betty. I so enjoyed Betty Burton’s visit to our quilting club. Just like old times.

I enjoyed a visit via phone with Avis Trent who called to thank me for writing of her in my news a few weeks ago. Avis like to talk of her youthful days growing up in the Ozark hills. She has fond memories of church services of old with her mother in Thornfield. She says Myrtle Wilkerson was the cousin nearest her age that she spent much time with and it was Myrtle not Retha who played with her and her dog.

I must not forget to mention how good it was to talk to my cousin, Vonda Saturday. She still gets the home town paper and so I should send greetings her way more often.

My book has been on hold for awhile. I put everything aside when I got sick, but must get busy with finishing it. I’m waiting for more in put from several who promised. Hoepfully Rock and Randall and Joe and Jean. Anyone else would be helpful.

I was happy to sit on a new pew Sunday. They look so good and sit comfortably.

With the new pews, we were urged and coerced into moving nearer the front. Maybe I could hear better up closer, I think so!

Nicole Degase was baptized Sunday. Little Creek still has enough water at the bridge for baptizing.

Congratulations Nicole, and may you always walk in His will. We’re all proud of you and your Dad especially is happy with your decision to know Jesus and to follow His teachings.

Congratulations to Burr and Ruth who are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary.

I enjoyed a visit in the home of my dear friend, Hester Tidwell Friday. Charlie took me there for a morning of reminiscing and it had been a long time since I had enjoyed Hester’s hospitality. Hester is a lovely person and I have missed her. It’s so good that she is feeling better. I feel so blessed that I have had such special people in my life and Hester is one of the most special.

This weeks news – The cooler weather is much appreciated. We didn’t get much rain, but a little to the east they got three inches, kinda hit and miss because my daughter just past there got an inch.

Nicole Robertson spent the weekend with her mother, Karen Evans.

Greg was away at a ball game. He reports a good time even though his team lost by a slight margin. He enjoyed the game with brother, Roger and friends.

Hester honored her sister, Lavonna Twitty, with a birthday dinner. Hester served Lavonna’s favorite dish of chicken and dumplins.

I can understand why this would be a favorite food for I was privileged to have supper recently of Hester’s dumplins. It was very delicious. I would call this soul food, and I would say Hester is a very good cook.

Karen, my daughter and Nicole, my granddaughter visited with me Friday. Karen cut my hair and since I can’t reach up to set my hair any longer, I had it cut short.

Hi to Vonda, my cousin and to Vonda my friend. I had a short message on my answering machine from Vonda, but I didn’t know the number for either one and have been waiting for another call. I would love to talk to either one or both.

Jean has talked to Granville Beasley’s son, Richard, and was told that he, Granville, had rallyed somewhat from being very low and is now joking with his care givers and enjoying himself as he has always done. Never the less the doctors are not promising anything and so they take it from day to day. Granville has outlived his Little Creek buddies by several years. Granville Beasley, Orville Degase, Lewis Miller, Rack Burton and Boone Prock were the “Little Creek Bunch” in their day and were friends all through life. Boone may still be alive. Orville died of a heart attack one night while fox hunting. Rack Burton died of cancer and Lewis of heart problems,  I think Granville has last stage Alzheimers Granville remained strong to his roots of growing up in the Ozarks. He would call me or Jean to reminisce as long as he had good memory which wasn’t too long ago. You could expect Granville to be at every funeral and reunion. We will keep those friends in our prayers.

Granville has lived a long life and enjoyed every minute, or so I seems. He has always cared for his friends, passionately and always remembers his youthful days on Little Creek.

I wrote my news last week, but apparently it didn’t get there on time. Maybe it will be printed this week.

Burr and Ruth cooked dinner Saturday and enjoyed it with Misty and family and Amber and family.