Thursday I visited my brother and wife, Junior and Betty Halcomb and my sister, Sybil Harvill. Junior and Betty visited and brought me a nice birthday gift.

Sept. 14 Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson had a fish fry at their home and had guests to help eat and enjoy a large catfish they caught while visiting the Loy Lakey family. Sam Lawrence is very sick and the medicine makes him sick. Remember him and Eva in your prayers.

Friday as we opened the door to take our walk Rev. Donald Potter drove up. He had been to see Gracie Williams. She was at Cindy’s, her daughter. He visited Jerry Nelson and Juanita Powell and Sybil Harvill that I know of. Oct. 6 at Eastern Gate Church where he pastors, Rev. Ray Dobbs will hold a revival. Everyone is welcome. Go and help out if you can.

God sent us a good rain. Sure helps with the dust  as it was bad. Some trees have walnuts and some don’t, same as the acorn crop around here.

Saturday David Halcomb helped us put our new heating stove in the house. Now we are ready for the cold. Brad Evans and Hope visited that evening and we ordered from her FFA catalog. They have meats, cookies, different sweets and fruit. We later walked. Bub and Melissa Payne were out driving around and we chatted with them. Rex Halcomb visited us last week.

Sunday at Garrison Church 57 were present. Pat Jackson sang a song. He is in from Wisconsin visiting his Dad who lives at Rome. We had a good number out Sunday night. Rev. James Orick, pastor, brought the weekend messages. Come join us, we could use the help.

James killed some squirrels Saturday and I came in from church and cut them up and put them on low to cook tonight.

I plan on taking my sister some and make some dumplings with Bisquick. When I was a kid I would come in from school and Mom would have a big pot of squirrels cooked. Her and Dad would kill them that day so they were fresh.

Ervin and Sandra Maggard, Valerie Austin and Rosalee Cipriano visited Iona Maggard.

Keith Williams attended a barbeque at his Dad’s, Mike and Joyce Williams.

Monday, Junior and Betty Halcomb visited James and me.

Garden season is about over. Some put out fall crops. Maybe things will yield before the frost.

Our frost bush has been red for a while. Some at church wanted to see it so I broke a piece off. Some say a warm October and a cold November.

A farmer out west was hopping mad when someone stepped on his corn.

Pray for the USA, it is so violent and has no morals anymore and people put things ahead of God and attending church. Lots of activities on Sunday to have people attend. I suppose they figure they can get a bigger crowd on Sunday than Saturday. One needs to have dedication and habit to be at church when the doors are open. God comes first. We all need to try a little harder. At the end it will pay off to please Him, rather than man or ourselves.