Last weeks news – Dry and very dusty on Boulders Fork. We do need a rain bad.

Monday morning we ate at McDonald’s and visited Darrell Hampton and his mother, Wilma and her double cousin, Bethen (Stillings) Mitchell. Bethene and her sister, Janet Jones, spent two days with their brother, Leon Stillings, who was in the hospital.

Thursday Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited us and brought me a brithday gift. Monday David Halcomb visited and brought his Aunt Linda a gift. Shirley Clark, Keith Williams, Mickey and Deb Harvill and Linda Orick visited Sybil Harvill Saturday. She had me a gift. I stopped by and visited Juanita Powell, she was out in her dad’s yard by herself. Doug Nelson was visiting also, only he and Jerry were in the air conditioning. Chance Gideon visited his Grandma Harvill recently.

James and me talked to Alan Dean while walking one evening. The dust is so bad most everyone slows down to not cover us in it.

Sunday 65 gathered at Garrison Church. Gracie Williams sang a special. She got lots of compliments on it. A baby shower was held in the evening for Brady and Paige Herd. I left my gift, we were planning to come back, but I told her sometimes things come up and never know what’s on the answer machine. Sure enough we had a call about Doyle and felt we needed to be there. Doyle Lakey passed away Sunday morning, some knew him as Raymond and his nickname was Man. Violet Lakey visited her sister, Goldie, Sunday.

Monday, Sept. 9th Melissa Hutchinson and a man that goes to Garrison Church, Joel Blevins, and I will celebrate our birthdays. Happy Birthday to them. I almost forgot a nephew, Daniel Lakey on Sept. 9th and Adam Day on the 9th,  as well as Irene Swearengin on Sept. 12th and Ortha Lawrence who has a Sept. birthday.

James and I chatted a minute with Juanita and Jerry Powell and Jerry Nelson at Jerry’s. They were outside and we stopped and told them about Doyle passing away. Juanita gave us a picture that she found in her Mom’s pictures of my brother, Gordon Halcomb, George Morrison and James at the Morrison and Halcomb Reunion in Ozark.

Juanita said her nephew, Ronnie Maggard, celebrated his 16th birthday. Happy belated birthday Ronnie. He is a special kid to us. He rode many times from church to his grandparents on Sunday and told some interesting stories.

Have a good weekend.

This weeks news – Everyone had a great time at the Nelson Reunion and School Reunion at Mt. Olive Highlonesome Church. John and Dorothy (Nelson) Shines’ daughter was there from Arizona, Dennis Humphrey from Oklahoma, John Arther Nelson and wife from Iowa and then there was us hill and hollar people. A large crowd attended. There was so much food that they ran out of space to set it. The Lafferty family sang after the dinner along with Gracie Williams and son, David, Juanita (Shine) Adams and daughter, Brenda. The Shine Sisters also sang.

Sunday night Garrison Church had me a pizza supper and cake. All had a good time and a nice gift was given to me. I also received a nice and funny card from Joel and Sue Blevins.

Janice Morrison attended a 85th birthday party for Agnes St. Clair.

Sunday, Lisa and Wyatt Ellison sang. We appreciate them. Melany Stevens our piano player and husband, Brett, went to Colorado for a week. Mary Gipson played and we appreciate her very much. Chris Bettis is in Colorado bow hunting. One young mother had to have a test run Sunday morning. Several were out, but we did have 46 present. It was a bit down from 65 a week ago. It is a shame everyone does not come on the same Sunday. We would have a big crowd. Like everywhere else some can’t make it, so you yo-yo up and down. We had been staying in the upper 60’s. We welcome you to Garrison Church.

Iona Maggard enjoyed the Brandon Hampton family, Travis Hampton, Marvin Hampton, Janice Morrison, Ervin and Sandra Maggard and Valerie Austin.

Have a great week and be thankful for what you have.

Cute funny I read, we’ve been trying to make ends meet, but we’re stuck somewhere in the middle.