Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. Things have come alive around here the last few days in

pitching horseshoes and tossing basketball into baskets. Well,what  it is—is getting ready for the Golden Age Games at Cabool.  It sounds like fun already.  And we will be asked questions about many things to see how smart we are to prepare for “quiz bowl”.  I don’t think we have to practice “wheelchair racing.” We do that enough anyway, but it might be fun to practice.

Our theme this year is Heart of the Ozarks Moonshiners, so if any one has any old overall they don’t like we would take them for our costumes.  Contact Connie at 683-4129.

After game time yesterday we had Ladies Bible Study with Carol Carson as we finished the study about the seven churches in Asia in the Book of Revelations.  Carol is already thinking about plans for Christmas.

The Blue Angel is almost ready to go home to her place  outside under the oak tree, but it is raining and we can’t take her outside until we give her a good coating of weather proofing spray, so it will be a while yet.  She looks pretty on my table though.

Therapy gym is being used well these days.  And we have a new walking machine.  It looks like a good one, but I haven’t been able to use it although I hope for that.

We would like to wish Herval and Jeannie Porter Happy Anniversary “60 years. I believe”.  Herval and Jeannie are very good to visit with our residents here at our home.

We are getting some good gentle rain this morning.  Let us praise the Lord.

Our prayers and sympathy go to the families of Troy Frye and Fred Searcy. We will miss them

and their families.  Fred Searcy’s mother-in-law is a resident here at our home and Mr. Troy’s wife, Bonnie, was a resident for many years before she passed.

We  would like to welcome new resident June Johnson to our home.

Christina Penn was here Monday afternoon and played the piano and sang several songs.

Connie Burris and Annie Wilkinson went to Redbud Villiage and called games for the residents there.  Connie and Annie reported they had a good time and went shopping for Annie afterwards.

Evelyn Harper called games while Connie was gone to Redbud. Our volunteers are wonderful.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.