Girdner Church

This Sunday was the 1st Sunday with our new pastor, Sis. Maxine Lund and her husband, Jim. We are so thankful and glad to have them join us here at Girdner and welcome them in.

Sis. Freeda Holt has been our pastor for about the last four years.  We have had several different preachers filling in for several months, as we waited for another pastor to fill the position as pastor when Sis. Freeda ask we start looking, with her always here to help us too. We have appreciated all those who came and preached for us these last few months. Sis. Freeda has been a great inspiration to us all, and will never be forgotton as a great pastor and friend. And she says she’s staying with us too!  Now as Sis. Maxine says, “How Good is That”!!

Friday night, a singing under the stars and fellowship was held in appreciation to Miss Freeda and all she has done for us all. Wayne Anderson and Rod Humbyrd came and sang and played some great music for us, with Keith and Regina Lafferty and Margaret Herd singing some great songs also. Good singing was heard from the crowd, but they was bashful and tried to not be heard. As always we had some good fellowship with our great cooks bringing their favorites and a couple of our guys grilled some yummy chicken! We appreciate Dallas and Gary! Miss Freeda said Sunday, Friday night was just right. I think she enjoyed her singing under the stars. We all love and appreciate her faithfullness and her love for God and all the many messages she has given us that we know was given her by God.

The news around the Girdner community was about a family reunion, enjoyed by all, at the lake Saturday by the Orville and Effie Potter bunch! Seems like that family is getting pretty big and are all blessed beyond measure! I heard 100+ showed up for the gathering with many being missed. I know Orville and Effie would have loved to know their children and grand and greats, and probably great-great grands by now, are still getting together and sharing their love and continuing to tell about Jesus love to all. I know I sure do appreciate the whole family and all the love and care they have shown to all of my family and me.

Many prayer request for the sick and the lost. Let us not forget to remember them all. Aren’t you so glad to know God never forgets the names or the needs!

Our singing was wonderful as always from the  choir today. I like to sometimes, just sit and listen. I like to sing too, but sometimes I just enjoy listening to the sweet music and songs. I remember years ago at revivals, after the singing you could hear on occasion, from Bro. Floyd Roberts, “Good singing Class” and sometimes when there singing on Sundays I can still here him saying that. I’ve also noticed Sis. Freeda and Sis. Maxine have both mentioned the good singing just as he did. Aren’t you all glad for all the great memories of all those that have gone on and left us all these great memories!

The young children always enjoy Children’s church with Miss Glenda Cunningham. They are always eager to go back and hear what she has for them on Sundays. Whether we have a few children or a bunch, Miss Glenda always has a class for them . We very much appreciate her and her faithfulness to the children. We also have some great Sunday school teachers, Sis. Connie Mitchell and Bro. Leon Potter, and Bro. Paul Potter and they are all appreciated!

Sis. Maxine’s message Sunday morning was from Mark 1:35. The leper who kneeling down to Jesus, asking if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean, and Jesus reached out and touched him and said, I will, be thou clean. and IMMEDEDIATELY the leprosy departed and he was made clean. And God can do the same for us today, if only we will do as the leper and only ask.

Sis. Maxine’s message was from Ezekiel 16 Sunday night. Another great message. Lots of good testimonies were heard. I always love to hear those good testimonies. Don’t you just know God loves it even more!

Our Wed. night service starts at 7 p.m. We have an adult class with Bro. Gary Mitchell teaching and classes for the children with snacks with Sis. Glenda Cunningham. This week Sis. Freeda will be doing the adult class and she says her topic is God’s Promises. So if you’d like to join in, just come on down and be reading on God’s promises and come and share or just come and listen, It’s sure to be good.

If you don’t have a home church we would love to have you come join us at Girdner on Sundays and Sunday nights at 6 p.m.

May you all have a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help.

Wishing you all a great week ahead from all of us here at Girdner.