Girdner Church

I think fall has come to Ava this week. We have had some great weather this week. This is my favorite time of the year. When I see all those beautiful colors come to life, you know only God could do such a wonderful work of art!

This last week Bro. Gary his son, Marty and grandson Brock had an enjoyable and fun vacation together. They stopped in Wichita, Kansas, and picked up Bro. Gary’s brother, Roger and went on to the Denver, Colorado area. They stopped and did some hiking up in the mountains. Also stopped and visited Bro. Gary’s sister, Evelyn. It’s great to hear family  getting together and doing things, and enjoying the family God gave you to enjoy.  We were glad to have him back Sunday night, we miss our folks when they are gone. You won’t find Bro. Gary missing much at all. I know him and Sis. Connie have gotten their 30 yr. plus Sunday school pins for attendance, and that’s quite an accomplishment and commitment to the Lord. Sis. Connie plays our piano and Bro. Gary leads the singing. Wednesday night Bible study will be centered around praising, So be reading and studying and come give us some help.

Sis. Naomi Stephens has been in the hospital this week. She is home now, and doing better, but still needs our prayers. We sure do miss her and her  beautiful singing when she can’t be with us. She has been a great blessing to me for many years.

Several from Girdner attended the revival in Mansfield this past week with Bro. Bub Coonce holding the revival. I, sadly was not one of them, and sounds like I missed out on a real blessing. Several reported good messages and that one person gave their heart to God one evening. I can just imagine how the angels must have rejoiced over that one lost soul. When I hear of a soul being saved it always reminds me of the story in Matt. 18:11-14. He left the 99 just to seek that one little lost lamb. One of our dear saints, that has gone on to be with the Lord, sang a song about the little lost lamb. Oh, how he is missed, but know he is now with the Lord and in no pain .

Sis. Maxine said Sunday morning she couldn’t get Bro. Bub’s message off her mind, and one of the things he’d said in his message, ” If you got it, you can’t hide it.”  Wow, The Lord really gave her a great message around those thoughts. She begun in Mark 7:24, speaking of Jesus, But he could not be hid. Then on to Mark 7:37, He hath done ALL things well. She brought out how Jesus birth, baptism, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection, and his return, all these things could and will not be hid. She ended with these three things, God can’t be hidden from those that seek him, nor those who find him, nor those who reject him.  Praise God for that! Jeremiah 29: 13 And ye shall seek me: and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. What a wonderful message! You just needed to be there to really appreciate what the Lord sent down to us all that morning thru Sis. Maxine!

Sunday night we had more great singing and some good testimonies. Sis. Maxine’s message was from 1Thess. 2: 13 Her question to us, to think on was, Do you Believe the Bible? Will you believe the Bible from the beginning, in between and to the end? The Bible is the only reliable guide to Christian conduct. The best road map we could ever have.

Matt 7:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. May we, this week be a shining light for Jesus to all we see and not let our lights be hidden. May we fall more in love with Jesus than we were yesterday each day.