Last weeks news – Tuesday morning, Sept. 17th we are getting light rain here this morning. Sure is getting to feel like fall. Doesn’t time pass by quickly? Or does it just feel like that to us older folk?

Kathy and Don Haney enjoyed an evening last week at Larry’s Diner in Branson. Rhonda Vincent and her band were there.

Bertha and Dean Scherer were at Bev’s Beauty Shop on Thursday. Dean visited with Bill while Bertha got her hair cut.

Karen and Doug Fredrick went to Willow Springs Saturday and watched their grandson, Cole Bradshaw in a football game then they visited Agnes Williams at Willow Care.

Not many at church Sunday but we had a good service.

Carol Wise and Riley came down Monday evening and they and Ann Collins went to Dora to the ballgame.

Karen and Doug Fredrick went to the PBR in Springfield one night.

Extending my deepest sympathy to the family of Gary Atchison and also to others who have lost loved ones.

This weeks news – Sept. 23rd – it certainly feels like fall. It was 42 degrees yesterday and 44 degrees this morning, but we got almost two inches of rain which was good. Today, Sept. 23rd is Bonnie Hurst’s birthday, I incorrectly wrote it was the 18th.

Bill and Norma Jarrett gave an anniversary offering yesterday at church. Continue to keep her in your prayers.

Cole and Isabell Bradshaw spent the day Friday with Karen and Doug Fredrick.

Not much going on that I know of so until next time, “God Bless” and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Making a living is measured by what we get. Making a life is measured by what we give.