Friendship News

Proverbs 3:5-6, ” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.” That was so good, I just had to write it down. I’ve had to learn this over and over. We don’t usually go to God until we’ve run out of options and then we turn to God.

Sunday morning we started studying on the creat from Genesis and will for a few Sundays. Bro. Victor Murdy will be teaching through this three month series. I know it will be good. He is teaching from Revelations on Tuesday each week and doing a great job.

Pastor Benny Dewitt preached Sunday morning from II Corinthians 6. We had several special songs and appreciate all the good singing and preaching we had Sunday.

Sunday before last, we had a special speaker and singer, Bro. Gary Hall and enjoyed having him and his wife at Faith Rock. Bro. Murdy preached Sunday night.

This coming Sunday evening we will be having the ministry of the Teen Challenge group out of Springfield again. They give wonderful testimonies of God’s goodness in delivering them from drug addiction. It would be wonderful to have a houseful of teenagers to hear them. If it preveneted even one person from becoming addicted to drugs it would be worth anything we could do.

I want to wish a few happy September brithdays: Bro. Duard Brown, Sis. Carmen Young, Bro. Glen Ray, Sis. Sandy Deboard, my sister in California and her husband, Dennis. They are all having September birthdays. Also happy one year anniversary to Brian and Sheyrl Shipley.

I didn’t write earlier, but we had a wonderful Fourth Sunday Singing here in August with several of our churches participating and all taking part in the singing. Appreciate them and Sister Sybil for keeping it going all these years. The next Fourth Sunday Singing is at Breedon and I know it will be good.

We were sorry to hear this past week that Bro. Gary Atchison had passed away. They came here to church when his in-laws, Bro. Don and Sis. Vada Graham were our prastors. Jerry and I visited with him and his wife just a couple of weeks ago. Also Herman Prock, who died a couple of weeks ago. We’re all sorry when we love someone we’ve known for a long time.

Our daughter, Sherry and the family got back Saturday from a vacation cruise. It was their first cruise. They were glad to get back to their own bed at home she said. I think some of them got a little sea sick and had to take a little medication. The ship was so large that the walking got to be a little much. Sherry said Cozumel was really beautiful though.

We want to invite you to Faith Rock Church, if you don’t have a church home. We have wonderful pastors, Bro. Benny and Loretta Dewitt and prayer and Bible study on Tuesday evenings and ladies quilting on Wednesday.