Hello and good morning to all my friends and neighbors!

Well, it’s fall and I think winter is just around the corner. I’ve been getting a heavy shirt out the last few mornings. I said a little fire in the fireplace would feel good in the early morning, but Ethan told me I’d have all the wood burned up before winter gets here. So I guess I’ll wait a while.

We had good services at Frye Church yesterday. Bro. Jeff did an awesome job preaching. Then we started our Bible study again last night. Wasn’t very many there, but we had a good study. Anyone who might like to come it’s on Sunday night at 7 p.m.

Has anyone else besides me been stung by a ground hornet? Let me tell you it hurts. Burns like you’ve laid your arm on the cookstove plus stings. It got me twice. Roger had to pull the one off my arm. I found out slice of raw cucmber helped more than anything.

Well, I guess you can surely tell by now that I don’t have any news to write about.

Friday we took Roger to his doctor appointment in Springfield. Then we went and ate dinner and Ken drove for us so he took the scenic route  home or I should say, back to Fordland. Since he works for MODOT he knows all those back roads and my goodness we saw some of the most beautiful homes hidden in the hills. We really enjoyed the day.

Well, no news here, just work, so I’ll hush for this time and just remember to keep our eye on Jesus.