Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Fall has finally arrived and what wonderful weather we are having. God has blessed us with some showers of rain last week which we were very grateful for.

Roger and I picked some of the last of our garden produce this week squash, honeydew and watermelon. We even picked a couple more tomatoes. The sweet potatoes we are trying to leave a little longer.

Last Saturday was our work day at church. The men fixed the roof on the porch. The women cooked breakfast and did some extra deep cleaning. We sure appreciate all the younger generation that came out to help.

We started working on our Christmas program Sunday. Virginia and I are helping with it this year and looking forward to it.

I know your calendar is starting to fill up so make plans for our revival the 2nd week in October and then we always have a fall festival the 3rd Sunday in October. So many ways to get out and get involved in serving God. Find the way that God wants you in his service because He does want you and love you.

Take care.