Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Our kids had a weekend I hope they will remember for a while. Nathan, Erica and Clinton took the teenagers on a hike and overnight camping trip. They started with a group gathering in the church yard and Jon talked with the youth, then they loaded up in a wagon and headed to their first stop. It was a little warm, but I hear the place they walked to was nice. Wanda and I are talking about taking an adult trip there when it cools down. Now, the story goes that while the kids were all gathered and possibly getting a little bored, all of a sudden there was a scream from up above. Now this was no ordinary giggling and laughing as they made their way on down the hill. From what I understand both girls thought the other was being a bit clumsy as they made their way through the woods. We asked them what they would have done if a bear or cat had walked up behind them.

Back at the church house we had a big group of younger children. We took them on a short walk and gathered up rocks and sticks, whatever else they could find. We sang a song about Noah as we walked back. Wanda and I were the adults doing this walk. Roger was fixing us a fire to roast hot dogs on. We played with balloons, made pictures with our rocks and dirt. Then I showed the kids how to make acorns out of kisses, which of course were good to eat. I think fun was had by all.

The next morning, Wanda, Alice, Roger and I fixed breakfast for all the campers. They looked like a tired group as they all came dragging in. I think they were ready for breakfast. We had a good turnout for church and I bet some tired campers went home and took a nap.

We had business meeting Sunday night and decided to hold a revival in October. It will be the first full week. For more exact details you can call someone from the church. This time of year we also start working on our Christmas program, so if you are interested in that please start coming to Sunday school so the teachers will know. Fall is always such a full and exciting time of year.

I got a phone call from my brother, he was checking to make sure I was okay since he hadn’t heard from me in a while. It is nice to know people keep track of yuu and care enough to check on you. I have several family members in other states who like to read our local paper to keep up on people they know from this area. I want to say hi to all of them.

God is like that also He is always here. He cares and He is just waiting to hear from us. Have you told God how you are doing today? Maybe it’s time you check in with Him. After all He is your heavenly Father.