Dogwood Ramblings

Wanda Dugan came Thursday bearing a nice gift, okra.  I like okra but had never fixed it before so off to the Internet to get some ideas.  Wanda and I had a nice long visit.  Arlene came to borrow some Nutmeg as she was short some for the recipe she was preparing.  Arlene has quite a few spices from her mother and wondered what Mace is used for.  Again to the Internet because I’ve never used Mace!  It is amazing the information one can glean from the Internet.

Friday I purchased a whole chicken for the purpose of making soup.  It boiled up quicker than I thought possible.  After it cooled I stripped the skin and bones away and put the meat in broth in the fridge so that on Saturday I could scrape the accumulated fat away.  Then by adding diced carrots, sliced celery, chopped onion, some nice wide curly noodles and a few spices it made a wonderful soup.

I mentioned previously that Willie’s brother, Henry/Hank/Swede had a stroke on the 15th.  The doctors eventually said that recovery was not possible, so using Swede’s directive, all needles and tubes were removed Thursday afternoon and he passed away peacefully Friday morning.  Swede was just shy of his 82nd birthday.  The three remaining siblings of the original 14 are Lucy at age 92, Marie at age 89, and Eugene at age 86.  From the 14 Boeddeker siblings there were 35 children and well over 100 grandchildren, and I wouldn’t even guess at the number of great grandchildren.  A wonderful family!  They embraced me as I embrace them.

By inadvertently dialing the wrong number to get updates from Jamie Herd, I unintentionally called Shirley Sinclair and we had a nice visit.  Shirley says Frank is doing better in rehab although he still cannot eat.  Cancer is not a good thing to get for sure.  Shirley is hopeful Frank may be able to return home in a few weeks.  Please do pray for the Sinclair family.  Nancy DeBogden called to let me know her puppy is missing.  The pup is German Shepherd and hound mixed, coloring is mostly shepherd and this little one is only 5 months old.  If you have seen this pup, please call Nancy and let her know.

Now that it is Fall I am reminded it is time to have the heating unit serviced.  I don’t use this furnace often as I have one wall mounted vent-less wall heater to take care of most needs and an electric blanket for night, as well as sweat shirts and pants.  However, there are times when there is just too much chill.  I do hope all have managed to get plenty of garden produce in spite of the weird weather.  Be safe out there when getting your firewood.

Do pray for the ill, the homebound, the elderly, and for our nation.