Dogwood Ramblings

Patsy Williams called, bubbling over with the good news that last Sunday, (the 15th), Nick and Amanda Williams delivered a new baby, a little 7 lb. 6 oz. red-headed delight named Elizabeth JoAnne Williams.  The Williams families had all been at Patsy’s place on Sunday for the usual dinner meal.  Amanda decided to walk back to her home and when Nick returned there, there was only time to deposit the little boys at Patsy’s and take Amanda to the hospital – they made it there by 9 minutes before the birth occurred.  Patsy says she had been dreaming of a red-headed girl grandbaby and by golly, her dream came true.

Patsy also said that daughter-in-law Debbie’s father, Vernon Dryer, passed away about two weeks ago.  Debbie’s parents had been coming to Dogwood for church and then to Patsy’s for dinner on a regular basis.  Patsy says they will greatly miss Grandpa Vernon.

Two of Patsy William’s grandchildren, 2nd graders Aiden Williams and Gavin Campbell, will be playing touch football for Ava at Sparta on Thursday evening.  Patsy’s granddaughter, Cadence is involved with the Ava Bears Den and enjoys it so much, and is anxious for soccer season to start.  The old Dogwood Store at Hwy 14 and BB is now rented by Lance Terrell.  The Dogwood Store first opened 80 years ago, in 1933, and functioned as a store for many, many years.

Jamey Herd has not been well for some time and ended up going to the ER on Sunday where she was kept overnight for a stress test on Monday.  However, the professionals there could not figure out what is causing her shortness of breath and sent her home.  She continues to have difficulty getting around due to her knees.  Please pray for her.

Rex and Arlene took me to Seymour on Friday night for Chinese buffet and then the Seymour Apple Festival.  We enjoyed visiting with some of our neighbors there and strolling through the various craft booths.  The entire festival area seemed better planned this year, and Dan Herrell and his band were excellent.  For a few years my grandson Nick Boeddeker and his band were there but they are off doing other things these days.  It was a nice evening, pleasant temperature and, unlike other years, no mud encountered.

Lawn mowing was a bit more difficult this past week.  The cotton picking grass (crabgrass??) was so tough that most of it had to be mowed a second time, in spite of new blades installed a few weeks ago.  Jeff Reeves mowed the back yard, which is rocky – new dog thinks it fun to dig up rocks and carry them around.  Jeff also did the weed eating front and back.  A huge pot of beef soup was shared with Bob and Dana Wagner and three folk at church.  This was just in time for the weather change.  Before long I’ll be fixing ham and beans as cooler weather calls for comfort food.  I also baked a few batches of cookies for Sunday refreshments at church and Arlene baked some zucchini bread that is yummy.

My brother-in-law, Henry “Swede” Boeddeker had a stroke Sunday morning and is in a hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  Swede is the youngest of the 14 Boeddeker siblings, of which only four are still with us.  Willie Boeddeker was the 13th of this brood and he and Swede were close, in spite of completely different lives.  Swede became a teacher, Willie was a farmer.  Hopefully Swede will overcome this event and be back to taking meals to the homebound among the many things he does as a good citizen.  Please do pray for his recovery.

Until next week please continue your prayers for all of God’s children everywhere.