Dogwood Ramblings

My copy of the Douglas County Herald doesn’t arrive here until Friday afternoon.  However, on Thursday of last week I started receiving calls about my letter to the editor in last week’s issue.  All were very positive and one lady said I truly have “moxie” to tell the truth as I see it….and so many others!  Another person called, not from our Dogwood Community says she never misses this column.  One nice 92 year old lady and I visited for quite a bit and exchanged information on our Native American ancestry.  She thanked me for presenting what are her views as well.

Also, on Thursday my carpet received a much needed cleaning by John Neighbour and his wife and we had some interesting conversations about religion, government, and the decline of our nation.  Just as John was about to depart, a nice gentleman from this area arrived bringing me some wonderful zucchini.  I can make meals on zucchini, with some onions, perhaps a bit of cheese.  That same day I received a letter from a political organization and the envelope had “payment overdue” stamped in red.  Now, that is irritating and gets my dander up as I’ve never belonged to that organization even though my sentiments do go in that arena.  Needless to say, that went into the trash bin!

Mike and Cathy Schultz made a video about their repair and remodeling of the former Wymer place.  The last family to live in that house knew they were losing it so they stripped the place of everything, and I do mean everything.  They took light fixtures, switch coverings, plumbing, baseboards, cabinets, etc.  Mike and Cathy and their children have worked hard and with great success and I did so enjoy seeing their progress in the video.

Another nice gentleman from this community had taken some cucumbers to Randy Dugan and Randy told him I could probably use some.  I love cucumber sandwiches with a dab of mayonnaise and a pinch of salt and pepper.  So, now I have sandwich makings for quite a few days.  Saturday I made a corn salad with onions, peppers, celery, tomatoes and Ranch dressing for St. Leo’s annual parish picnic on Sunday.  This is a specialty of Arlene & Rex Boeddeker and they sent me a recipe.  It should go well with the hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

The nice people who came for plants last Sunday sent me the nicest thank you card.  Not many folk these days send thank you cards, particularly those under the age of 50.  When I was growing up it was a must to send such a card for receiving gifts and for having nice things done for us.  Children need to be taught this rather than ignoring those who give and do nice things for us.  We have more than one generation that does not show its appreciation and it seems they expect things to come their way.  I’m sure there are many grandparents out there who will agree with me.  Even a phone call or an e-mail is better than nothing!

Do you like shrimp?  I sure do!  Recently several restaurants ads are promoting all the shrimp you can eat and you don’t know where that shrimp came from or if it has been dressed up with coloring agents. Or, if the shrimp were thawed and refrozen along the way.  Be careful when buying shrimp at the store.  If the package says “distributed by” the shrimp most likely came from some place in Asia, from inland shrimp farms, not the briny deep.  These places stretch chicken wire over their shrimp ponds and then raise chickens on the wire.  Therefore, the feed for the shrimp is chicken “do”.  If you check the first three numbers on the bar code, #471 is from Taiwan and #690, #691 and #692 are from China.  I don’t have the bar codes from Mexico, Equador, etc. to share with you.

Eva Wymer, her sister Martha and Penny Price got here Monday afternoon.  We had such a nice visit, pictures taken, etc.  My cat, Feather, seemed to think he should be in Eva’s lap and she has never cared for cats.  It seems cats know who doesn’t care for them as this has happened many times here.

As I’ve written before, please do pray for our families, our community, and our nation.  Pray we are not taken down another path of war.

Jamey Herd has been under the weather for quite awhile.  Hopefully she will be better soon.  Jamey called to let me know that Raymond Doyle Lakey passed away on Sunday after a long illness.  Please pray for his wife, Goldie, and all the Lakey family.