Dogwood Ramblings

It has been busy here since the last column.  A nice group came here from Theodosia on Sunday to get some Naked Lady bulbs, Passion Flower and Asparagus Fern starts that were previously mentioned in this column.  All of my sons have been calling for one reason or another and some of my grandchildren as well.  I had a nice phone visit with Rollan Stewart.  My goodness, the Stewarts put in a lot of hours with their dairy.  My dear friend, Carole, called from California and it seems we never run out of things to discuss.  Of course, every day there are calls from some political entity and I no longer answer them.  When I have answered the calls it ends up they are preaching to the choir and, of course, they all want money, money, and more money.  Sorry!  The well has gone dry.  Although signed up for “No Call”, somehow these pestering groups manage to get around it, over and over again.

Not only do these people irritate me by calling daily, sometimes interrupting a nap, several days a week my mail consists of this or that group wanting donations.  Who do we trust?  If you are like me you truly only trust those related to your faith group with proven records of funds going where you designate.  The Salvation Army does a good job with our donations.  Were I wealthy I’d donate to our local VFW and American Legion for their needs as they have put their lives on the line for us in the past and call for respect for all veterans.  They put their hands over their hearts when in the presence of the American Flag, not below their belt buckle!

Another letter came from Eva Wymer and she said she will be stopping by here on Sept. 9th and I most certainly look forward to seeing her.  Eva is twenty days older than me and I enjoy teasing her about that.  Eva White, my neighbor, called to discuss the recent Snoop article in the Herald.  She is as frustrated as me regarding what our government is doing to us.  Bob Wagner calls to check on me when he doesn’t see any activity here.  Bob helped me with the mowing again this past week.  The dew was still on but neither one of us needs to be out in the sun and the heat.  Bob is doing a bit of remodeling at his place and I do need to go see what that is about.

Randy has been busy in this heat doing some fencing and working some cattle.  Here age does have its benefits as I am no longer expected to help.  I fixed breakfast for Randy and some friends on Monday morning as otherwise, I rarely get to see them with all their busy ways.  We filled our tummies and had a good visit.

Do pray for your families, your neighbors, for our nation, for those nations in upheaval.