County Line

My sympathy to the family of Virgie Himiobin, she was my sister-in-law.  She passed away Thursday night in Mountain Grove.

Donna came by on Monday and Tuesday.  David and Donna visited Gene and Rheba Pool on Tuesday.

Juanita Kazenske called on Tuesday.

Jo Stephens went to the doctor on Tuesday.

Reece and Megan Goforth went to Rogersville Saturday with Dale and Glenda Evans to Travis and Dede Mitchell for Ty’s birthday.  Travis Jr. was also there and Amber and her family.  Reece spent the night with Ty and Megan went home with Dale and Glenda.

Macee and Quin Breeding and Bryse Dodson all stayed Saturday night with David and Donna.  Quin and Macee attended church with them.

Reece spent Sunday night with Kolbe and Kyle McCullum.  Kolbe and Reece worked for FFA at the Fox Trotters on Monday.

Danny Bushong, Diane and Butch Davis, Bentley Iott, Emily and Dylan all attended a surprise 50th Birthday party at Mountain Grove Saturday evening for Diane Rodgers of Texas hosted by her sister Terri Pool of Mountain Grove.  There were many more there but didn’t get all the names.  Mike Strong was there from Kansas.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Saturday.

Those visiting John and Jo Stephens on Sunday were Mike Strong, Diana Rodger, Terri Pool and friend, Lana Stephens, Misty Pinkston, and Riley Lawson.  Lisa Stephens was there on Saturday.

Those visiting Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee over the weekend were Sabrina Stout, Lora and Ben Koop, Regan and Brayde, Heather Breeding, Kelly Breeding and Hope, Jessica Schneweis, David and Donna Dodson, Kolbe and Kyle McCullum, Butch and Diane Davis, Mike Dodson and boys.

Keith Breeding came and mowed my yard Monday.  Donna, Quin and Macee came by also.

Donna and I went out to lunch and shopping on Friday.

Megan Goforth spent Monday night with Gracie Heinlein.

Donna and I attended the music at the Senior Center Monday evening.  It was very good.