Caney Church News

Caney Church came together to Praise the Lord and study His word. Sis. Lorrinda Coulter took charge of the service. We had many concerns. Sis. Janice Lafferty led in prayer. Lorrinda read I Peter 1:1-25. God is real and salvation is for all who will believe. Time is short. Today is the day of salvation. Turn to Christ. It was a good study. Everyone had wonderful scripture to read and interesting thoughts were expressed. If your church doesn’t have Wednesday evening service you will be welcome at Caney. God is good to meet with us.

Sunday school opened with the congregation singing praises to the Lord. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. He took praise reports and prayer requests. We are so thankful God hears and answers. We see results from our prayers weekly. God is so good. Sis. Elsie Combs led in prayer. Jack read Isaiah 54:9-14 for our devotion. We pray all our children be taught about the Lord. After a good Sunday school lesson Happy Birthday was sung to Lorrinda Coulter and Melissa Harmon. God bless them.

Praise and Worship began with good testimonies from Jeff Shipley and Janice Lafferty. We moved on to congregational singing. Special music by Melissa Harmon. Pastor Bill Austin brought the morning message from Revelation 1:10-20, focusing on the 16th verse. Our hands are used for good and evil. Only the things we’ve done for Christ will last. Use them for things that will influence others to Christ. It was a thoughtful message.

We began service with an opening song Sunday evening as we met. Bro. Jeff Shipley took charge of the service taking prayer requests and praise reports. Sis. Lila Roberts led us in prayer. Testimonies were given by Hi Lambeth and Melba Austin. Bro. Jack Essary was the speaker Sunday evening. He brought the message from Matthew 5:16, James 3:1-5 and Luke 23:39-43.

Let your light shine so others can see Christ. Are you griping and complaining or are you being grateful and thanking God? Use your words carefully. When we stand before God we will be held accountable. Repent and follow Christ to heaven.