Caney Church

Caney met together Wednesday evening to praise the Lord and learn more of His good word.

Bro. Jeff Shipley took charge of the service by taking prayer requests and praise reports. Bro. Jim Lafferty led our hearts in prayer. Jeff read Romans 11:1, 8-11, Matthew 8-11, 22:42, Isaiah 49:6, Acts 13:46-47, 28:26-28 and Romans 10:19-21.

Christ came to the Jews when they refused Him then came salvation to the Gentiles. We are so glad Christ included us.

We had a great time studying, reading and telling of God’s word.

Look up Jesus is coming soon. Be ready to go.

Sunday school came together with singing praises to the Lord.

Bro. Jack Essary welcomed all to service. He took prayer requests and praise reports. We are praying for the lost, bereaved, sick, our nation, military, rain and unconcerned. Sis. Lorrinda Coulter led our hearts in prayer. Jack read Psalms 8 for our devotion. God made all the earth, perfect sending His son for all. After a very good Sunday school lesson offering was received.

Praise and Worship began with testimonies from Jeff Shipley and Jim Lafferty. We then praised the Lord in song. Melissa Harmon did a special. Pastor Bill Austin spoke from John 3:14, 12:32 and Numbers 21:3-9. Are we tired of this “light bread?” Are we holding up the name of Christ? Are we complaining about and to the Lord? Do we believe the Bible is true? If we fail to trust in the Lord, we shall die eternally. Jesus died for you so you can live forever.

Sunday evening we met again to praise the Lord. Bro. Jeff Shipley took prayer requests and praise reports. Sis. Janice Lafferty led in prayer. Testimonies were given by Bill Austin, Melba Austin and Janice Lafferty. Bro. Jim Lafferty was our speaker Sunday evening. He asked the question, how big is God? He answered, he is big enough! He can take care of any problem we have. He can supply every need. He read Isaiah 44:5-8, 43:25-27 and 43:2-5. God is God. He is the first and the last. He is the forgiver! If we’re not forgiven we’ll not make Heaven. Choose where you will spend eternity, now is the time.