Breedon News

September 1st

Today begins with a cloudy sky and with mention of rain.  We need it and I pray for it but please God hold back the flooding.  Our service began with Brother “Cub” (Joe) reading Psalms 123.  Danny Lee led us in the beginning prayer.  Our lesson comes from Philippians 1.  Paul continues to write letters from prison.  He has written to the Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon.  Now he is writing to the Philippians.  Philippi was chief city of the western part of Macedonia (Acts 16:12).  The city gets its name from Philip who was a famous King of Macedonia and was the earthly father of Alexander the Great.    It was a Roman colony and they were proud to live as the Romans did so to speak.  Paul was called in an extra ordinary way to preach to the Philippians (Acts 16:9).  One night, Paul had a vision during the night, there stood a man of Macedonia saying “come over to Macedonia and help us.”  Paul suffered hardships at Philippi.  He was scourged and put into stocks (Acts 16:23-24).  Yet he continued to be kind as he preached even though he received some harsh treatment.  His love for the people kept him going in ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The church at Philippi began very small but later flourished.  I believe the main meaning Paul is trying to get the Philippians to grasp is to continue on with love and joy in the Lord regardless of our circumstances.

Our service changed to worship after congregational singing.  Bro. Cub, Susie Sisco, Ronnie and Sue Thomas and Clara Lafferty sang specials.  Sister Sue Thomas has got the sweet angelic voice to reach into your heart and bless you greatly.  Praise God!  Satan may try to destroy us but if we have Jesus Christ in our hearts, he’s going to have to go through his blood.  Satan cannot win.  Jesus has already fought and won the battle and He assures us that He is going to take care of His flock.  Praise His holy name!  Our youth class gave a special today.  Michelle Lee led Haden and Heath Jr., Kirklin and Sammy Lee to bless us once again.  We are so proud and thankful for them.  Their class was fewer in number due to sickness.  Let’s pray for little Heidi Kirklin that she will recover quickly.  Heath and Jennifer had to take her to the emergency room due to a high fever.

Brother “Cub” took the sermon from St. John 10.  This is a very familiar chapter to us.  The subject is a parable of the good shepherd; he reads verses one through eighteen where it tells us that anyone that tries to enter into salvation by any other way but Him is a thief and robber.  Those who enter by the door, Jesus Christ, the good shepherd are His sheep and they will follow Him because they know his voice.  They won’t follow a stranger because His sheep do not know their voice.  Jesus tells his listeners that all that come before Him were thieves and robbers.   The thief came only to kill and destroy but the good shepherd came to give life and have if more abundantly.  Now Jesus tells them and us today in the 12th verse, the hireling, if he is watching the flock will leave if the wolf comes.  The sheep aren’t his so he will spare the danger of being hurt or killed by the wolf.  The good shepherd knows his sheep and are known of others that Jesus is the owner of His flock.  He knows the Father and Father knows Him.  Jesus goes on to say He will lay His life down for His sheep.  No one is going to take His life, He freely gives it for His sheep.  He can lay it down and take it right back up again.  Bro. “Cub” (Joe) reads on from verse 25 to the end of the chapter.  He addresses the Jews that they don’t believe Him and they are not His.  He showed them His good works and miracles yet they still would not believe that Jesus and God were one.  His sheep were given to Him by our Heavenly Father and He gives them eternal life to never perish and never be plucked out of His hand.  God our Father is greater than all and He tells this group of Jews that He and our Heavenly Father are one.  The Jews were getting ready to stone Him and Jesus asks them “which good work that He done were they going to stone Him?”  They responded “for a good work we stone thee not but for blasphemy and thou being a man makest thyself God.” (verse 33)  How about you?  Are you one of God’s sheep or did you follow another voice.  The Jews refused to believe and yet they witnessed all kinds of miracles and good works.  Jesus is still alive and well today, and by His Holy Spirit He continues to call His sheep.   Who will you answer?  The hireling that doesn’t care whether you perish or will it be the good shepherd that will give you eternal life and guard you, that no one can take you away from Him.  Choose the good shepherd I pray.  Friend choose Jesus.

We were blessed with several visitors today and we welcome each and every one to come back when they can.  Our visitors were Wallace and Rose Jennings, Clinton and Mary Bruner, Bob Bruner, and Bethene (Stillings) Mitchell.  May God bless each of you and hopefully you can come back soon.

To all readers, I pray God’s blessing to you and your family.  Have a good and safe week.  Until next week, God bless.