Breedon News

9-8-13. Here we are another Lord’s Day. We gather to worship His Holy Name. Brother “Cub” (Joe) read Psalms 32 and Brother Ronnie Thomas offered the beginning prayer. Our lesson came from Phillipians the 2nd chapter. Paul is teaching the church at Phillipi to do the work of Jesus Christ with joy having the same love and being of one accord and one mind. Christians should be careful of allowing opposition to one another’s work for if we differ and we carry on without love this can totally wipe out the beginning efforts of what we do with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are different denominations yet if they preach salvation comes by the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, they are my brother or sister. We may have differing opinions of various scriptures, but what matters is what God’s Holy Word says. If a church preaches anything else, but the death of Christ through His cleansing blood as your saving grace, Christians can have no fellowship with them. We need to live our lives according to be lights to these that they too may be saved by Jesus Christ. We are to live our Christian lives with joy and without murmuring against one another. Why would any one want to begin attending church if all they hear is fighting among members of that church. It is sad, but I have heard various people say there is more fighting in a church than they have see in in bars and honky tonks. Why would one want to begin a Christian walk if all they saw was scowls and talking behind another Christian’s back. We as Christians should watch closely and abstain from doing this. No one wants to be with a grouchy, frowning person so smile and be a shining light to a dark world. You may be the only Bible some may ever read.

We are glad to have Brother Wallace and Sister Rose Owens with us. I am proud to see my nephew, Larry Lafferty and his family with us. His wife, Lisa and sons, Cole, Mason and Jacob were refreshing for me to see come in. I rarely get to see my nieces and nephews so when they come around it certainly is an uplift. We entered into worship with congregational and special singing. Again Michelle Lee had the youth class speak a review of what they learned and followed with a song and again they were a special blessing.

We have a guest speaker today, Brother Wallace Owens took the sermon from St. Matthew 5:13-14 and 17. This goes along with what our Sunday school lesson taught. We need to walk with the Holy Spirit daily and allow Him to direct our path. What are the people seeing by your light? Are you dim or does your light shine brightly for all to see. God help me to walk with the Holy Spirit and whatever I do, let it be God’s way that I follow. I pray my light is a witness pointing all to Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, Amen.

Don’t forget our singing takes place this Friday night, September 13. Come with a desire to worship our Lord in song and fellowship with food following the service. I pray your week is blessed and our military in our prayers. God bless you all.