Breedon Church

9-22-13. It is a beautiful Lord’s Day and we are truly thankful for the cool and beautiful weather we had this weekend. I have gone to Tony and Linda Stilling Molasses Making the last two years and it rained. We were blessed yesterday (9-21-13) with a beautiful sunny day and “wow” what you do yearly. Not only is there a lot of food, music and fun, you allow our history and culture to be passed on for another generation that they may keep this tradition among all the home folks, you two are great!

Today our Sunday school lesson begins with the reading of Psalms, chapter 98. Opening prayer is given by Bro. Lee Hampton. Our lesson continues in Phillipians, chapter 4. We are to share this with all men and cast our cares on the only one that can take care of them; our God and Heavenly Father in the precious and Holy Name of Jesus. We are to continue in prayer and give thanks to Him continually. The peace of God is something that we as mortals cannot fully grasp, but if we continue in communication with Him, He will keep our hearts and minds centered on His will in and through His son Jesus Christ. Don’t let your prayer life falter friend. In this day and time, our only hope is in Christ. Paul teaches the Phillipians that what ever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there be any virtue and praise we are to think on these things. Paul tells us to do these things as a witness and God of peace will be with us and He will supply our needs.

We are blessed with having Sybil Gheer, Nola Jean Moyer and Freeman Porter. Sybil and Nola Jean helped us with our congregational singing and a big thank you goes out to you. Please feel free to come back whenever you can. Today the Fourth Sunday Singing is here at Breedon and we are looking for a wonderful time in worship to our Lord through song and fellowship with one another.

Our service after congregational singing continued on with David Williams at the piano and Susie Sisco at the keyboard playing an instrumental. Specials by Ronnie and Sue Thomas, Susie Sisco and Joe (Cub) and Clara Lafferty sang in a quartet. Bro. Joe (Cub) took the sermon from St. John 5:1-16. Jesus heals a lame man that had laid at the pool around Bethesda for 38 years. Now at a certain season, an angel would trouble or stir the water and whoever got in the pool first was healed of any disease they had. Jesus saw this man and knew he was lame for this long time. He asked the man, “Wilt thou be made whole?” The man explained to Jesus he had no one to help him in the pool and another would always go in the water before him. Jesus said, “Rise, take up they bed and walk.” The man obeyed Jesus and immediately was healed. He was lame no more. I believe this man surely glorified God and gave thanks for his healing. But, it was the sabbath day and the Jews against Jeus criticized the man because he now was able to carry his bed rather than lie on it. They didn’t have an argument with this healed man, but they wanted to do away with Jesus and used the law of keeping the sabbath against Him. They thought pretty high of themselves and considered their selves to be a high authority of the law. How dare this man Jesus break the Sabbath. They were so full of hate and Jesus was a threat to their conceit. It was no good thing that a man who couldn’t walk was now walking. They used their religious prestige to announce this sin. All in all, it wasn’t their belief in righteousness rather their hate for the Messiah that God had told them would be coming. They sought to do away with Him because of their vanity. How pitiful. It is the same today. If someone gets a miracle from God, those in darkness see no blessing from God. They try to explain it away be a worldly cause. Let us as Christians pray for those in sin that their eyes will be opened and their heart to be softened and convicted to be healed and saved from their sin. God help us to be the witnesses He would have us to be in spite of criticism and ridicule for there are hurting and lost souls that need a Savior. God bless you this week and may His peace be ever with you.

I want to apologize for a mispelled name of visitors we had last Sunday, 9-15-13, it was Wallace and Rose Jennings instead of Owens. As a younger girl, I remember the Wallace and Owens Supermarket here in Ava. I am so sorry Wallace and Rose. Boy, you talk about a senior moment, walking back in time. Again, God bless you all.