Bethany Baptist Church

There was another successful work day, Saturday, morning. There was a good turn-out, so the work went quickly and well. Several of the women and girls vacuumed, dusted, and mopped. There was some caulking being done around windows. The men put up the new sign down by the street. There is to be another new sign down on Jefferson. Altogether we want to make a good impression when someone drives by. Hopefully they will stop for a visit.

The Jubilee Singers sang in the morning service. The church sang “Happy Birthday” to Linda Armstrong. Pastor and Darlene Sorensen celebrated their anniversary this week. So the church sang “Happy Anniversary” to them as well.

Our sympathy went out to Jack Sorensen on the death of the last of his brothers. It is always hard to lose a brother or a sister.

Pastor Bob Sorensen’s message came from the Book of Acts in regard to the amazing growth of the first New Testament church in Jerusalem. Perhaps the key to that growth can be found in Acts 1:14 where it tells that the early Christians continued in prayer in one accord. When you find a church where all the people are gathered in one place in one accord making supplication for souls, then you will find a church that has power with God as is promised in Acts 1:8. Being in one accord means that the people agree in doctrines and practice and are not divided in purpose. They have a shared vision for the salvation of the multitudes of lost souls around the world as well as seeing the value of one soul. These people see the salvation of a soul as being more important than having a bigger house, a fancier car, or nicer clothes. They will continue to pray, to assemble together, to study God’s Word, to give, and to work in one accord with the rest of the church to see that soul saved.

Two adults and two teenagers were baptized, Sunday evening. It was a happy occasion. Darlene Sorensen and her daughter, Sally, sang a special song. Pastor Bob brought a short message on the meaning of baptism. There were some friends and family members who visited, Sunday evening, to see the baptism.

Bethany Baptist Church will be handing out bottles of water again at the Ava square, Saturday morning. It is a way to meet and greet new and old friends.