Bethany Baptist Church

Last weeks news – Bethany Baptist Church folks handed out water again at the Farmers Market, Saturday morning. Temperatures were down in the very comfortable range and there were a lot of people there buying all sorts of things from tomatoes, zucchinis, jellies and baked goods to handwork and crafts. This week Bethany Baptist had brochures telling about the Annual Mission Conference that is coming up next week.

The guest missionaries this year are Paul and Sandy Burbidge and their daughter, Natalie, who live in Nova Scotia, Canada and plan to work with native American tribes there. The Burbidges will be providing special music at the Mission Conference, September 25 to 29, as will as presenting their burden for the native American tribes in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Friday, September 20 there will be a pizza and movie night at Bethany Baptist Church starting at 5:30 PM. Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen make good pizzas. They just ask people to let them know how many are coming so they can make enough pizza.

Dan Stillings sang before Pastor Bob brought a message on “The Heartbeat of the Local Church!” referring to the amazing growth of the New Testament Church during the first years of its existence in Jerusalem.

In Acts 2 we read that Peter preached, proving by the scriptures that Jesus was indeed the Christ. He preached that God had raised Jesus from the dead in order to save them from the consequences of their sin in that crooked and perverse generation. Then 3000 souls gladly received the word, were baptized, and were added to the church that day. This was done even though they knew that they could suffer persecution for aligning with the church. Almost daily more were added to the church because they continued in the teachings, continued in prayer, and gave themselves totally to the work. They went out praising God for what he had done for them going from house to house telling the gospel. People listened and the Lord added to the church such as should be saved.

This weeks news – This is a big week at Bethany Baptist Church. The Annual Mission Conference is underway. That means we have special speakers and special music. Paul and Sandy Burbidge of Nova Scotia, Canada are the guest speakers and will provide the music as well.

There will be special services on Thursday and Friday evening starting at 7:00 each evening. There will be a men’s Prayer Breakfast at 8:00 AM at the church and the Ladies Luncheon will be held at the “True Brew Coffee Shop” at 12:00.  There will be the regular services on Sunday morning with an afternoon service at 1:00 and no evening service.

There was homemade pizza and a movie, Friday evening. The movie featured a family that had gotten into real trouble living beyond their means and trying to impress their friends and co-workers. It was not until he lost his job, they lost their home, their car, and all those unnecessary “things” that they came to terms with each other and with God. They did find out that happiness can be had without a lot of money.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message on “Declaring the Gospel.”  The gospel message is that Jesus died and was buried for our sins, and that God raised him from the dead so that we could have victory over sin and death. Declaring the gospel means that we do not “debate it,” attempt to “define it” or “dilute it.”  We simply declare what the Bible says about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. We do not add “good works” as a requirement for salvation, but see them as evidence of salvation. God wants us to be holy, win souls, feed the poor, give our offerings, etc. but salvation comes by repentance for sin and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.