Basher News

Delmar and Margaret Rosseau visited with Jack and Barbara Breshears on Saturday.

I talked to Bob, my son on Saturday.  He’s been doing some wood crafts and he and Butch went fishing one day.

Jack and Barbara Breshears brought dinner and ate with me on Sunday.  Later Delayna Dry, Kayla Dry, Taylor and Tenley and Chase and Ashley Dry, Emma and Bryer came over and visited.  They took some pictures and a five generation picture of me, Barbara, Delayna, Chase, Emma and Bryer.

We want to welcome Gene and Betty Creasey to the Basher community.

Clay and Sue Pickney of Springfield visited Bob, Linda and I on Saturday.

My sister, Nora called and let me know that Violet and Hugh were doing about the same and my granddaughter, Roben called to check on me.

Susie and Bob will be down to see me on Monday, Labor Day.

Until next week, God bless.