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Our 2nd Annual Fall Festival will be here before we know it!!  November 2nd is the date. We are looking forward to making it even better then last year.


“You’re My Somebody Special”


Ava Place is starting to publish a weekly “You’re My Somebody Special” spotlight. All residents of Ava place will eventually be spotlighted.  I must say it is a lot of fun interviewing the residents and learning of their early life and their wishes. Today’s spotlight is David Lynn Matheson




This month’s Someone Special is David Lynn Matheson.  He was born April 21 in Council Bluffs, Iowa to Eugene K. Matheson and Mary Elizabeth Yocom.  He has one brother, Lowell, and one sister, Mary Jean.

David is wonderful to have around.  You can always count on a practical joke when he is.  He has worked many different types of jobs.  He is most pleased about getting his Insurance License.  David enjoys reading and studying.  He is a big help around the place.  He assists anyone that needs it.  He helps to clear dishes and rolls the silverware for meals.  He likes to exercise.  Everyday he does his exercises and walks.  He is a very talented artist.  His drawings are amazing with details.   When asked, “If granted three wishes what would they be?” His reply reply was, “A new Cadillac, a date with Dolly Parton and a big T-bone steak.”   He was also asked what he would do if he won the lottery.  He said he would buy a house with a house keeper in Mexico and move there.  He would also donate a big portion to helping people out.

We like to have David around.  He is funny and a good guy to visit with.  We are happy he is part of the Ava Place family.