Bonnie Phipps said she was doing just fine, but didn’t go to church Sunday.

Last Monday I received .5 of an inch of rain, last Tuesday .4 of an inch of rain by ten Thursday together 2.8-1/2 inches of rain, some got more and some got less, but it was good.

Tara brought Jett over last Monday, but I didn’t have him long because Justin got rained out and came and got him. I went to my doctor in Ozark, but I went by and visited with my sister, Margaret Allen, before my doctor appointment time. Monica met me over there and went in with me to the doctor. I checked out just fine.

Tara brought Jett over last Tuesday and later on George and Violet came by with some cucumbers and visited with me. Tara brought Jett over Wednesday and James came up and played with him. When Tara picked Jett up I went over and visited with Marie Dickey, Ruth Hall, Roxie Heimeyer, Bea Christy, Irene Richards and I couldn’t find John Haskins when I left there. I stopped and visited with Patty Kraft, she said she was doing pretty good, but Angie was hobbling around so when I went to town Thursday I dropped a loaf of bread  off at their house.

The guys came through that day and cut the limbs back from the power lines.

Firday I went over and saw John and Jo Stephens for a while. Mark and Mark Weston came by Saturday and brought me some eggs and Mark Weston is in FFA this year so he is selling fruit, cookies, meat and jerky.

Saturday afternoon I went with Ellis to Rogersville where we attended Chesnea Blakey’s 8th birthday party given by her dad, Chase Blakey. I didn’t count how many were there, but we had barbeque hamburgers, hot dogs and brats. After that Chesnea blew out her number eight candle then we ate a piece of the cake and she opened one present and all the other cards had money in it for her. It was sort of late when I got home.

Sunday night after I got home from Bible study I received a call from my sister, Mollie McPheeter and she said that our sister, Margaret Allen’s son, Rick Allen had heart surgery and his valve was 100 percent blocked. He is doing just fine the last I heard. There have been too many young men having trouble with their heart lately so lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers, even if we don’t know them.

My prayer and sympathy goes out to all that have lost a loved one and there has been so many lately to name all of them. Keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.