Ken and Debbie Cederlind came down Saturday evening to her mothers, Bonnie Phipps and visited with her the rest of the day before going back home and while here Cecilia Edwards came over and visited with them.

Bonnie and Cecilia went to church Sunday. Roy and Linda Sue Freeman after church went to Branson to their daughter and son-in-laws, Lonnie and Pamela Crim’s home so they could help Linda Sue celebrate her birthday. Michael and Wendee Freeman and family all went too.

Violet Blakey took me to the urgent care center last Monday and they took x-rays of my lung and said I had fluid on the bottom of my right lung and they thought I had the start of pneumonia so I have been staying in unless I have to go and get medicine and I would get other things done that day.

Last Tuesday I went to Ava Drug to get an inhaler that Ozark didn’t have the day before so I took my news and eggs in with me.

Tara brought Jett over Wednesday and he was a doll all day  I guess he knew I wasn’t myself because I coughed and spit a lot. Richard Mitchell came and looked at my air conditioner, Mark was here to help. Richared said he would have to order the parts to fix it. I have been all right because it has been cool in the mornings and then I close my doors around noon and turn on the fans.

Tara brought Jett before noon Thursday and Kendra came and picked him up a little afternoon.

Jewell stopped by that day and so did Buffy Posey who brought me my pea salad dish.

Friday I went out and got my hair cut at The Best Little Hair House in Ava then I went to Ava Drug to get some strips and Evelyn Bryan and I ate lunch there and that was the first time for that. I have had ice cream there. Evelyn bought my lunch. Saturday I was feeling better, but I didn’t think I should go the White River Valley Electric meeting in Branson. I guess that is the first one I have missed. I just stayed in and got well.

Sunday I didn’t go to church and I didn’t attend The Old Folks Day and I hated that. Jewell Elliott came after church and picked up my cake and homemade bread to give away. Mac and Richard came and fixed my air conditioner today Monday.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers. My prayers and sympathy go out to the Prock families and all the others who have losted a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

We need two cinnamon queen roosters, call this number: 543-1952.