All Around Bradleyville

I am looking out the window, enjoying the nice rain we are getting as I write this. Early morning we had thunder and lightning, or should I say lightning and thunder since the lightning must come first. I put off plugging the computer in until the last moment after looking on the TV radar and hoping there wasn’t any more lightning close. I have had two computers fried by lightning so I am skittish about having it plugged in while it is stormy. Last time I heard the pop of the computer being blown out before I heard the thunder. Before you call me, I have heard of surge protectors, both computers were plugged into one when they got hit. We live at the end of a line and it seems like we get more than our share of lightning strikes. I guess it has to go out at the end. We have had countless phones fried by lightning and a couple blown completely off the wall. So I try to play it safe and unplug my computer every night before I go to bed, and any time I hear it thunder or think it might thunder.

Seems there has been an epidemic of dead batteries recently. Danielle Crouch was telling me last week she was going to her car after college classes at Hollister and a friend of hers asked her if she had any jumper cables. Danielle told her she didn’t have any and got in her car and her battery was dead also. Some of Danielle’s dad’s co-workers were nearby and came and jumped the batteries for Danielle and Cheyenne Winkle. I know they were grateful for the help. Then last Thursday I was at the church cleaning and I did leave my car turned on while I was cleaning out the flower beds so I could hear some music while working, then turned the car off and took my keys and went inside the church. After a couple of hours in the church I tried to leave and my battery was dead. After a few phone calls my daughter Alicia came and jumped my battery for me. I think both girls had left their lights on and run their batteries down. I thought listening to the radio had killed mine and it probably didn’t do it any good, but Bob had it tested later and it was just old and dead, so a new battery took care of my problem.

James and Crystal Marsh had a table wedding shower at New Mansion Church last Sunday and received many nice and useful gifts. James and Crystal were married in July on the family vacation in Florida.

Not much going on, let me know if you have something for the paper. Everybody have a wonderful week.

Birthdays for the coming week include: September 19: Derek Blair, Larry Ross; September 20: Brooke McHaffie, Lorrinda Coulter; September 21: Ethel West; September 22: Kevin Grzybowski, Raymond Johnson; September 23: Bryan Boyd, Elizabeth Burns, Loretta Stiles; September 24: Gavin Lux; September 25: Lexy Matthews.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: September 22: Jim and Glenda Day.