All Around Bradleyville

The walnut trees are turning yellow and some of the sumac is turning also so it won’t be long before the timber is coloring up nicely. I enjoy the hot weather and trips to the lake but the bugs and snakes have been so terrible around our house this year that I will be glad when it gets cold enough that they all go away for awhile. I know Bob and everyone that works outside is probably looking forward to cooler weather.

We still have a few hummingbirds buzzing around our feeders but no more or less than we’ve had all summer. The past few years I have counted up to twenty or more around each of my feeders but this year there have only been one or two at each spot. I don’t know what the difference has been, but I hope the numbers come up next year. I love to watch them zooming around and battling for a place.

Scott and Julie Lawson and their children spent last weekend camping. Garrett had a ball swimming and kept Scott and Julie busy taking turns swimming with him. We drove down and spent a few hours with them on Saturday afternoon and took our turns swimming with Garrett or staying with the twins. It was a very pleasant visit.

Kim Norwine had a birthday last week and I heard she was surprised with a birthday party with her family at her sister, Beth House’s home. Her girls ordered her a special cake from Sue Deroo and from the looks of it on facebook they all had a great time.

Congratulations to Dustin Gross and Whitney Sharp on the birth of their daughter, Madelyn Victoria. Madelyn was seven weeks premature and is having to spend some time in NICU. Dustin says she is doing very well so we hope and pray it won’t be long before she gets to come home. Madelyn weighed 5.5 pounds and was 19 inches long, and is a beautiful baby that looks a lot like her daddy.

I ran into Carolyn Hunsaker while I was in town the other day and we had a good visit. I hadn’t seen her in a while and we really had some catching up to do. We really need to get together more often because I think we could talk for hours once we start.

Volleyball and Jr. High Basketball is underway and I haven’t been to any games, but I’ve heard both the girls and boys basketball teams have won a few games. I heard the volleyball girls are doing a good job, but don’t know if they have won or lost any games. I hope to get to see a few games before they end in October.

Birthdays for the coming week includes: September 12: Billy Beasley, David Burkhart, Hannah Cook, Justin Day, Lois Lux; September 13: Liz Dillard, Mike Smith; September 15: Irene Norton; September 16: Novella Knight, Joe Sartin, Melanie Whittaker; September 18: Cameron Clark, Avery Maggard, Angela Shockey.

Anniversaries for the coming week includes: September 12: James and Emily Reed; September 17: John and Echo Combs, Noel and Cletis Shortt; September 18: Darrin and Myka Hurst.