“Sweet language will multiply friends and a fair speaking tongue will increase kind greetings,” Ecclesiastes 6:5.

I left Wednesday the 7th for Springfield airport to go to Portland, Oregon, where our son, T.J. lives. It rained all the way there. The plane left around 1:00 p.m., couldn’t see much out of the window due to the fog. The plane flew to Denver, Colorado where I was to have a five hour layover, but they had a early flight so I got to Portland earlier than I thought. When I called T.J. to tell him I was there he was still in the bed because he works nights at the hospital.

On Friday morning T.J. and I went to Mt. Hood to have breakfast at Timberline Lodge, 60 miles east of Portland. This is the place they made the movie, “Shining.” After a good breakfast T.J. started driving south on 97 highway to Crater Lake. Because we stopped a few places on the way it took all day to get there. I didn’t think this part of Oregon was pretty. I think it has to do with thousands of years ago volcanoes erupted forming different lakes and rocks. There is a long line of volcanoes ranging from northern California into British Columbia.

Crater Lake has the bluest water that I have ever seen. The Park was established in 1902. It is over 1,000 feet deep. My mother, Lilliam Clayton, got to see it in the 80’s.

When driving Oregon mountain roads it is a little scary because they don’t have guard rails.

We stayed that night in Klamath Fall. The next morning we drove into California so we could say that we had been in that state then we started back to Portland, another long day of traveling. We got home late. Sunday we stayed in doing nothing. Monday, the 12th we went to Seattle, Washington to meet a cousin, Thomas Clayton, who had just moved to Marysville. The next morning we went to another cousin’s home, Wilene and Brian Mills, in Bellevue for a good visit and had lunch with them.

Wednesday I flew out to Denver where the layover was six hours before flying on to Springfield. The plane from Denver got to Springfield around 11:00 p.m. Gary picked me up and we got home after midnight.

Friday, my aunt Freda Clayton got home from the hospital around 1:00 p.m. and she passed away around 9:00 p.m.

Gary and I visited with Uncle Rayford Sunday afternoon. Later we visited with Kenerd, Norma and Belinda Lawrence, Kenerd and Norma’s son, Brent and family was already there visiting and they left before we did.