We have been blessed with rain without storms, though heavy thunder and lightning in the distance. Grass is now green and growing so we will be mowing lawns again.

The family of Nova Bryan has our sympathy in the loss of their loved one. She will be missed.

Best wishes to Ida Mae Huse as she recuperates from health problems soon. She was missed at church Sunday and Sunday night.

Richard and Rene Blackburn visited Mearl and Beulah Satterfield Sunday afternoon.

Congratulations to Jason and Lora Norton for their new baby girl, Megan Elizabeth, in Lusby, Virginia. The Nortons now have two girls and two boys.

Bob and Betty Arnett and Paralee Rea attended East Oakland Church singing in Mountain Home Saturday night.

Sympathy is expressed to the family of Floyd Simpson of West Plains, who lost their loved one.

Congratulations to retiring Tecumseh mail carriers Jack and Connie Daughtery after 42 years of the family tradition.

Going back even farther in time my cousin, George Ebrite, had the Gainesville to West Plains route and had to “ford” the river with horse and buggy, many times getting washed downstream, and George managed to swim out carefully holding on to the mail bag of leather. It is doubtful that it had a zipper, and only straps of leather to protect the mail.

George’s sister, Vernie Ebrite, told me of being her brothers helper and she experienced swift water at times and had to control the horses that pulled them across the North Fork River. This story could well have been titled, “Good Ole Days.”

I appreciate Jerry Miller for the good cucumbers from her garden.

Lilly Ridge Church Sunday evening services were filled with singing and specials as we have the first Sunday night of each month.

Keith Davis and daughter, Jaycee, and Dana (Davis) Taylor met here Monday morning where they exchanged freezers as Dana was needing hers to hold the beef she had to pick up at the butcher shop. Jaycee is with her Dad until August 11th she told me, then she will go to school in Lebanon with her Mom.

Best wishes to all who have health problems. May they soon have better days.

It is good to have moisture this time of the summer to beat the heat.