It will take quite a lot of rain to saturate the dry earth around here, and hopefully we will get rain this week.

Birthday wishes to Imogene Grisham this Tuesday, July 30.

Happy 2nd birthday to my great granddaughter, Chloe Mae Wright on August 2nd in Fair Grove. She is granddaughter of Lyndon and Linaia Pitcock.

Happy Birthday to Lou Arta Corbin this Wednesday, July 31st.

Happy Birthday the past Monday, July 29th, to Karen K. Davis. She was here last Thursday and I made her a birthday cake then.

I enjoyed seeing the five generation picture of the Wray families in the Ava paper.

Marvin and Faye built serveral houses in the Lilly Ridge area and lived there along with Faye’s Dad and Mother, Lloyd and Lula Norton in years past. She and her mother were also members of our Friendly Neighbors Club for a few years and members of our church as well. Their pictures were in the Douglas County Herald last week.

“Dog Days” of summer should end around August 11th so we can observe health and enviromental conditions improving according to some beliefs.

My neighbor, Harry Zimmer, did my weed eating job last Thursday.

With all the mishaps Nina Blair had recently I feel sure she needs to continue her therapy and needs the prayers of everyone. Also, as she wrote about the insects, it is always a good idea to check clothes before putting them on when they come out of a dark closet especially. The brown recluse spiders can cause a lot of trouble so we need to be aware of them in closet spaces.

For bee stings and wasps, Benadryl is needed as soon as possible.

Best wishes to Nina recovering with her bruises caused by falling, also her other injuries.

Sunday, August 4th is our church potluck dinner following morning services.

I was sorry to hear of Marie Orf Ivester, of Bakersfield, passing away.

I have two or three hummingbirds still around, and make sugar water for them. As others mentioned the “little hummers” were gone for awhile, but the fresh water seemed to bring them back.

Best wishes to Ed and Karen N. Davis. She brought him home from the hospital yesterday.

“If someone doesn’t have a smile, give them one of yours.”